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Ruralco cards are used by some of Sterland's New Zealand customers as a valid tender type. For further information about Ruralco cards, refer to:

(tick) As at  the setup of Tender Types is currently performed in ProStix. Refer to Define Tender Types (Points/Gift Cards) for further information. 

 Sample Ruralco card

To tender a payment using a Ruralco card, from the home Dashboard perform the following:

1. Click  then type Point Of Sale (or select Point Of Sale from within the Sales - Transaction Processing navigation tree).

2. Process the cash or account sale. Refer to Processing Cash Sales or Processing Account Sales for further information.

3. Click  to process the sale. The tendering options are displayed.

4. Select the Rural Co option from the button.

5. Click . You are presented with the following pop up:

6. Type the Member Name and Member Number as it appears on the card.

7. Click to complete the transaction.

8. Swipe the card via the EFTPOS machine to complete the sale.

9. A PDF Invoice is  generated for transactions using this payment option which will be sent to the specified recipient.

10. Once the sale has been processed, if you re-enter the sale, the  tab displays the Ruralco card details.