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The System Settings - Numeric option allows you to create and maintain numeric values for fields used throughout Frameworks. These values require a numeric response.

Viewing current numeric values

To view all current numeric values for fields used throughout Frameworks, perform the following:

1. Click  then type Miscellaneous Table Maintenance (or select Miscellaneous Table Maintenance from within the System Administration - System Tables navigation tree).

2. Type System Settings - Numeric into the Table: field, then click .

3. A current list of numeric value codes, their purpose and value (Number) are displayed.

Adding a new numeric value

To add a new numeric value, perform the following:

1. Click .

2. Type the Code, Setting Purpose and Value (Number).

3. Click .

Editing a numeric value

To edit an alphanumeric value, perform the following:

1. Select the relevant code.

2. Update the Code and/or Setting Purpose as appropriate.

3. Update the Value (Number), then click .