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 System Flags

Refer to POS Useful Information including System Flags for information on POS System Flags.

For a cash or account customers, Frameworks allows a user to resume a Sales Order to maintain and/or finish the Sales Order through Point of Sale when a customer is picking up the order.

(info) Unlike a normal POS transaction, a Customer Pick Up order will not be repriced upon tendering.

To resume, maintain and finish a Sales Order via POS for customer pickups, perform the following:

1. Click  then click .

2. Type the Customer ID in the Customer field or search for the customer via , or search for the Sales Order number via the From Number and To Number fields then click . The list of saved Sales Order transactions are displayed.

3. Select the appropriate Sales Order transaction. Add or remove products if needed. 

4. Click then tender the payment.

(info) A customer order pickup in POS requires the full amount of the order to be paid before the order is released. 

5. If user does not want to finish the Sales Order through Point of Sales, suspend the sale to save any changes made to the Sales Order transaction.