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Current Release

Frameworks v5.4 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v5.4

Release Date



This release also requires Progress OE11.6.3+


To download the Release Notes spreadsheet

  1. Click this link: Frameworks Release Notes 5.4.xlsx then select the download button from the top right of the screen.

 The spreadsheet contains the following:
  • Issue key
  • System
  • Module
  • Release-Notes
  • Testing Scenarios
  • SKB Documentation
  • Flags/Feature Codes Used
  • Sysaid ID
  • Customer/s
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Problem/Incident
  • Relates To

Release testing recommendations

Version 5.4 is a minor release and whilst Sterland would always recommend a full system test on each release we understand that is not always achievable. As a guide the following is recommended for this release:

  1. Review and test any "green highlighted calls" 
  2. Test all calls released in the version that were logged by your organisation. This can be seen and sorted by downloading the Release spreadsheet and searching for your company name and/or ticket reference
  3. A base transactional test of POS, SOP and purchasing

Based on the specifics of this release we also recommend test in the following areas if they are in use within your business:

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Ledger
    • Inventory
    • Several new Frameworks Reports are also now available

Fixes and Enhancements in this version

The following tickets are highlighted as they are either a key fix or a key product release improvement:

Issue SystemModuleRelease NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-6564FrameworksAccounts ReceivableFrameworks now has the functionality to process Debtor Administration Fees and Interest Charges on accounts, accessible via the Receivables - Transactions Processing selection in the main menu. Refer to existing processes:

Debtors Month End
How to process Debtor Administration Fees and Interest Charges on Accounts
FWKS-6731FrameworksDashboardsSterland has added a new feature in Frameworks wherein users can now process a payment reversal for payments that have been allocated against customers. The new functionality is accessible from a new button on the payment enquiry screen, and also accessible via the customer dashboard.Refer to existing processes:

Payment Enquiry
Customer Payment History and Allocations
FWKS-7641FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland have made a change so that when the system flag: "GSTNZ" is set to Yes, the GST GL movements will be posted in the GST Sales Adjustment account as opposed to the GST Sales account. Refer to existing process:

System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7514FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has introduced a new General Ledger Account Reconciliation Dashboard. Under Construction
FWKS-6020FrameworksPoint Of Sale

Sterland have added credit card fees to Frameworks. Currently this is only available for cash sales and order deposits (via the Create Order option) made in Point of Sale. There is a new maintenance function: Credit Card Maintenance to manage these fees. The credit card fee will be applied in the tendering screen and a miscellaneous product will be added to the Order. 

Version 5.5 will enhance this functionality to include Credit Card Fees in Account Payments, take payment within Sales Orders and Cash Refunds.

How to setup Credit Card Fees
Credit Card Maintenance
FWKS-7417FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland is pleased to announce that the Purchase Sales Information popup is now available in Point of Sale. It can be accessed in the product entry by selecting the (i) icon or alternatively clicking on the product hyperlink in the product grid. Furthermore a new Previous Sales option is available in the product edit screen (accessed via the pencil icon) that when selected will show all previous transaction for the selected product/customer combination from a selected date. Refer to existing process:

Processing Cash Sales
How to view stock on hand and previous product sales at POS
FWKS-6890FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland are pleased to announce an enhancement to the print dialog which will allow the selection of a contact to populate the "To", "CC" and "BCC" email addresses. The contacts listed in the drop-down are associated with customer/supplier from the parent function.  Refer to existing process:

Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-7049FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Payment Summary was not included in the Order Confirmation for Cash customers. Refer to existing process:

Sales Orders
FWKS-6980FrameworksPurchasingSterland have made a change in the Purchase Order screen so that the volume and weight of the products will now be displayed.Refer to existing process:

Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7354FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has improved the functionality of the Picking Dashboard by adding the following features:

a. Added 'To Date' field wherein user can limit the Sales Orders being displayed by their delivery date

b. Only display the Sales Orders wherein the assigned Despatch Method requires Picking
Refer to existing process:

Picking Dashboard
FWKS-6227FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have added an additional column in the Supplier Maintenance - Orders and Receipts tab "Closed", which will show if the order is open or closed. Refer to existing processes:

Orders and Receipts
FWKS-6318Both Frameworks & ProStixAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Supplier Rebate Defaults record was not deleted when the linked Supplier was deleted. Refer to existing processes:

Default Supplier Rebates
FWKS-6362FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue wherein Non-GST GL records were  not displayed in the New Supplier account. Refer to existing process:

Supplier Maintenance
FWKS-6387FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland has added an error notification that appears in Payment Selection Batches, if the bank file fails to create because the directory does not exist or there are permission issues with the directory. Refer to existing process:

Selecting Invoices for Payment
FWKS-7034FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Payment Date field in the Payment Selection Batches screen accepts incorrect dates. A new flag - FWApChqDays - has been created to set an acceptable AP Payment Range in the Payment Selection Batches screen.Refer to existing process:

System Settings - Flags
Selecting Invoices for Payment
FWKS-7036FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have rectified an issue wherein supplier payments were being posted in the current period and not the period the payment was dated. Now, if the payment is backdated to an open period, it will be posted to that period, otherwise it will be posted to the next available open period. Refer to existing processes:

Payment Selection Batches
Enquiring on Supplier Payments
FWKS-7238FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue with Expense Invoices wherein Invoices were not posting in the correct GL period. Refer to existing process:

Expense Invoice Entry
FWKS-7411FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland has identified an issue within the UI when a finder is present within a finder, incorrect values are passed through the dataset. Not Applicable
FWKS-7500FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have rectified an issue in Frameworks where users were unable to remove an Invoice within Expense Invoice Entry. System error preventing the deletion has now been resolved.Refer to existing process:

Expense Invoice Entry
FWKS-6800ProStixAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue where the Overdue Account report (run in ProStix) was not displaying the latest customer payment and date if they were made in Frameworks. Refer to existing process:

Overdue Accounts Report
FWKS-6897FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue in Invoice Format #37 where a product using 4 decimal places was not displaying the unit price using 4 decimal places resulting in the customer not being able to calculate the line total correctly.Not Applicable
FWKS-6974FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have reinstated the ability in Point of Sale (POS) to charge a negative sale to cash customers.Point Of Sale
FWKS-6976FrameworksAccounts ReceivableFrameworks is pleased to announce that the signature details are now displayed on the Customer Transaction Enquiry screenRefer to existing process:

FWKS-7070FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has rectified an issue where payments that had been made against a disputed Invoice for a customer are no longer displayed under the Disputed Invoice tab.  Only disputed Invoices are displayed.Refer to existing process:

Customer Dashboard
FWKS-7080FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has rectified an issue where the Payment history enquiry was not displaying the account balances per month, the days overdue and the average totals correctlyNot Applicable
FWKS-7173Both Frameworks & ProStixAccounts ReceivableSterland has rectified an issue wherein any changes made in the Main Contact Details via Frameworks was updating the Customer Primary details. A new flag - CusMainCon - is introduced to prevent the Customer Primary Details from updating. Refer to existing processes:

System Settings - Flags
Customer Dashboard
FWKS-7289Accounts ReceivableAccounts ReceivableSterland has rectified an issue where bad debt customers were allowed to process a customer to customer adjustment and a customer to GL adjustment. Refer to existing process:

Customer to GL Adjustments
FWKS-7296Both Frameworks & ProStixAccounts ReceivableSterland have now made it an option for users to print or not print Deferred Statements for Account Customers that have Deferred Invoices against them using the new System Setting Flag 'DfrStPrt'.System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7309FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has modified the check picking pop-up screen so that the comment field will be enabled without the any additional license requirements.Refer to existing process:

Picking Dashboard
FWKS-7311FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue involving negative customer payments. Now when an "invalid numeric character" is entered it will be automatically changed to become valid. [e.g. (50-) will change to (-50)]Refer to existing processes:

Processing Customer Payments
FWKS-7351FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has implemented a new feature code so that when customers have exceeded their credit limit, users can customize the warning message shown on the screen.System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7377FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved a memory violation issue related to the search function on the Customer Payments module. The testing of this task was to ensure the search function, in particular the future dated and auto-alloc flags, were still behaving correctly after the change. Refer to existing process:

Customer Payments
FWKS-7469FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have made amendments to the auto-allocate payment scheduled task to allow zero and negative payments against auto-allocate customers to be available for manual assignment. Refer to existing process:

Processing Customer Payments
FWKS-7501FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue where the costs imported from a commercial file were being overridden with the standard costs when saving the quote. Refer to existing processes:

How to import a commercial file
Importing Commercial Files into an existing Sales Quote
FWKS-7071Accounts PayableBoth Frameworks & ProStixSterland have resolved an issue with supplier maintenance by removing the validation of the supplier group per company. Supplier groups (like the suppliers themselves) are now available for all companies. Refer to existing process:

Supplier Maintenance
FWKS-6232FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have implemented a new feature in Central Allocations so that making changes to multiple Transport Orders is now possible when selecting the new 'Apply Changes to Future Orders' tick box. This can be accessed by clicking the Sales Order hyperlink in the Transport Order View screen.Refer to existing process:

Central Allocations - Viewing Transport Orders
FWKS-6503FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have made changes to Central Allocations so that RCTI's will be consolidated for the month prior based on the running of the scheduled task on the transport company, as well as several new settings in the RCTI miscellaneous table. Physical copies of the RCTI's are now available to be printed from the Supplier Dashboard. Under Construction
FWKS-6932FrameworksCentral AllocationsFrameworks now has the functionality to reverse Weighbridge Tickets after an Invoice has been created.Central Allocations - Credit/Reverse Invoice for a Weighbridge Ticket
FWKS-7089FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland is pleased to announce Frameworks now has the ability to Mass Import Trade Cartage details in Miscellaneous Table Maintenance. You are now able to:

- Create and import new Trade Cartage details via the Download Template/Import option via the 'Actions' button

- Update old Trade Cartage details by exporting the data to Microsoft Excel, updating the details, then importing back to the Miscellaneous Table.
Central Allocations - System Administration & Setup
FWKS-7511FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have now resolved an issue in Frameworks - Central Allocations so that when entering a customer in the Transport Order Entry and Weighbridge Ticket Entry screens, the address field and any details attached to the address will be automatically populated per the following rules:

- If no Delivery Address = Default to Customer Address

- If 1 Delivery Address = Default to Delivery Address

- If 1 Delivery Address + Contract = Default to Delivery Address and fill Contract field

- If Multiple Delivery Addresses (with or without contracts) = Defaults to blank, waiting for an address to be selected to fill details attached to the address
Refer to existing documentation:

Central Allocations
FWKS-7516FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland has resolved an issue in regards to the GL postings of Weighbridge Tickets. The correct source transactions are now referenced in the GL dashboard for the order release movement of the consolidated invoice. Central Allocations
FWKS-7553FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland has resolved an issue involving Weighbridge Ticket View regarding the site colours. You can now have as many sites with colours as you like and it will not effect the functionality of the Weighbridge Ticket View screen.Refer to existing process:

Central Allocations - Viewing Weighbridge Tickets
FWKS-7610FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have resolved an issue in the Weighbridge Ticket View screen. The grid can now be successfully filtered by the RCTI column. Not Applicable
FWKS-6848FrameworksCredits and RefundsSterland has resolved an issue that was preventing the reason code from displaying when going back and enquiring on any credits that were processed through Frameworks. Moving forward any new credits will have the correct information displayed under the 'more data' tab of the transaction enquiry.Refer to existing process:

Credit Notes
FWKS-5973FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland is pleased to announce that a new function: Supplier Statement Reconciliation, is now available in Frameworks. There are two parts to this function, the front end which is named as previously mentioned, and the import module: Import Supplier Statements. Once imported (through CSV upload or FTP) the statement headers will be visible in the reconciliation dashboard. Drilling into a header will show the imported supplier transactions that belong to the statement (on the left) and supplier invoices from the system (on the right). The screen is also split horizontally, with the unreconciled open items at the top and the reconciled items and the bottom. An automatic reconciliation takes place upon import but a manual reconciliation is also available. For further information on the rules of reconciliation, please refer to the documentation. Supplier Statement Reconciliation Quick Reference Guides
FWKS-7125ProStixCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland added functionality to the printing of swing tag labels. When printing pending prices, a date range is now available which will only print those products on the stock card with a future price within the specified range. Not Applicable
FWKS-7388Both Frameworks & ProStixCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has made changes to the Detrack functionality to enable the 'Job Order' field and to allow order of deliveries (as per runsheet in pick & despatch) to be specified when sent to Detrack.Refer to existing process:

Detrack - Picking and Releasing the Order
FWKS-7392FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has created an data utility to mass import Mighty Rewards customers to POS in Frameworks when details were not being stored in ProStix POS.Not Applicable
FWKS-6770FrameworksDashboardsSterland has corrected an issue within the current transaction pane of the customer Dashboard so that the nett column will no longer show a balance if the Invoice has been fully paid.Refer to existing process:
Supplier Statement Reconciliation Quick Reference Guides
Customer Dashboard
FWKS-7093ProStixElectronic Trade ModuleSterland have rectified an issue when sending Purchase Orders via ETM, whereby a  shared variable error was occurring. Not Applicable
FWKS-6315Customer Funded DevelopmentFrameworksSterland is pleased to announce that the Delivery Date and Quantity Sub-Total are now displayed on the Consolidated Invoice Report for Formats 46 and 20 for Weighbridge Tickets.Not Applicable
FWKS-7339Central AllocationsFrameworksSterland have resolved an issue involving contracts and Weighbridge Tickets. Now all Weighbridge Tickets will be invoiced with the contract price  at the time of the ticket creation.Not Applicable
FWKS-5912FrameworksGeneral LedgerThe Cost Centre in Frameworks - GL table Maintenance is now sorted in numeric order.Refer to existing process:

GL Table Maintenance
FWKS-6709FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland have resolved an issue where the column selection option was not available in Journal Entry for posted journals.Refer to existing process:

Journal Entry
FWKS-6721FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has rectified an issue wherein User was able to delete records in the GL Table Maintenance screen even though the records are being used in the Ledger Reporting Chart Maintenance and Chart of Accounts.Refer to existing process:

GL Table Maintenance
FWKS-6751FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has rectified an issue on Payment Cancellation wherein Payment Cancellation was always posted in the GL Current Period even if the user selected a different GL Period.Refer to existing process:

Cancelling Supplier Payments
FWKS-7059FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has added a Branch filter in the Chart of Accounts to improve its efficiency.Refer to existing process:

Maintaining a Chart Of Accounts
FWKS-7069FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has rectified an issue wherein the GL ID in the GL Table Maintenance was not accepting the correct number of variables/digits.Refer to existing process:

GL Table Maintenance
FWKS-7217FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland have implemented new features in the Journal Entry screen. Sterland have created new fields to help define your search and there is also a 'Refresh' button so when creating/editing a Journal Entry you can now remove all recent entries. Refer to existing process:

Journal Entry
FWKS-7626FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland have increased the accept value format in the GST returns module so that large values will not cause a system error. Not Applicable
FWKS-7627FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has updated the narration for GL postings of Expense Invoices. All postings from this transaction will have the following reference narration format: Expense Invoice - Supplier Code - Invoice - NarrativeGL Dashboard
FWKS-6713ProStixGeneral LedgerSterland has rectified an issue within the General Journal posting program where the posted accrued journals were showing the next period of reversal journal without a year in the G/L Transaction Register report. This has now been resolved.Not Applicable
FWKS-7218FrameworksGeneral Ledger
Journal Entry
Sterland have now implemented a new feature in the Journal Entry screen: Standing Journals. Controlled by a flag in the header, standing journals are draft journals that do not need to be dated and cannot be posted while the standing flag is activated. Refer to existing processes:

Creating and posting a Journal Entry

Copy a Journal Entry
FWKS-7142FrameworksInterim InvoicesSterland has rectified an issue wherein the GP% on the Interim Invoice of POS and SOP transactions were not calculated correctly. Refer to existing process:

Interim Invoicing
FWKS-6756FrameworksInventorySterland has rectified an error that was appearing in Stock Movements when a reference number exceeded the character limit.Not Applicable
FWKS-6949FrameworksInventorySterland has rectified an issue by increasing the display of receipt value in the stock movement screen to seven or more digits. 

Refer to existing process:

Stock Movements

FWKS-6992FrameworksInventorySterland have increased the character limit of the stock movements reference field by an extra character to stop system errors from appearing for some customers. Not Applicable
FWKS-7213FrameworksInventorySterland is pleased to announce that Average Cost Adjustments is now available in Frameworks. The process is the same as ProStix average cost adjustments and is only available on average costing environments. How to process Average Cost Adjustments
FWKS-7220FrameworksInventorySterland has updated the Purchase Sales Information popup screen in Sales Orders with several new features:

- a new section showing the next two purchase order due in

- a new tab for diary notes stored against the product

- a new section to show a specific branch's sales quantities
How to view Purchase Sales Information
FWKS-7330FrameworksInventorySterland have created a new feature flag: 'ProdDescCaps' which when active will automatically capitalise the product description field in Product Maintenance upon save. If this flag is not active, the product description will remain in the case/s that it was entered. System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7356FrameworksInventorySterland has made an inclusion of the stocking unit of measure onto the Contract Maintenance screen to identify the products' unit of measure that has been priced and also useful when exporting the grid.Refer to existing process:

FWKS-7362ProStixInventorySterland has rectified an issue with shareholder accounts not using the discount defined against the customer if the shareholder discount group was blank.Shareholder Register User Guide
FWKS-7365FrameworksInventorySterland have now introduced a character limit of 100 character on the Product Description field in Frameworks.Refer to existing process:

Maintenance (Inventory)
FWKS-7370ProStixInventorySterland has added the utility program fixfutprice2.p to the current list of utilities that can be run via ProStix menu shortcuts System Administration - Utilities - Run a Program. This utility allows future standard cost, branch cost and/or supplier costs to be removed for a specified date. Not Applicable
FWKS-7446ProStixInventorySterland have resolved an issue where a product with an alternate UOM, a timber length surcharge with timber sawing, and handling costs is added to a POS cash sale or sales order with a price override. On tendering the POS cash sale or releasing the sales order, the resulting tax invoice had the incorrect cost stored against the product detail line.Not Applicable
FWKS-7487FrameworksInventoryTier Pricing - Datafix utilityNot Applicable
Product Maintenance
Sterland are pleased to announce an additional functionality in Product Maintenance.

Users can now edit the Unit of Measure (UOM) of products and add surcharges from within Frameworks.

Users can now also import and export products via the Product Import screen. 
Refer to existing:

How to maintain Products
Frameworks now has the ability to create supplier contracts for a specific branch or all branches, as well as the ability to delete supplier contracts. Not Applicable
FWKS-7072FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland has rectified an issue where the Mighty Rewards card # registration field would disappear when a non-mighty rewards customer was added.Refer to existing process:

Mighty Rewards
FWKS-7276FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland have resolved an issue where if a rewards card was entered in POS and the finish sale button was pressed immediately without leaving the field, a system error was produced. Mighty Rewards
FWKS-7328FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland has rectified an issue in the Mighty Rewards Card Registration and Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance screens wherein the Email Address field is not allowing emails that contain the following:

a. Email Address with more than 3 tags after the @

b. Email Address with dash (-)
Mighty Rewards
FWKS-7496FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Email Address field in the Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance screen was not accepting emails with underscore.Refer to existing process:

Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance
FWKS-7529FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland have resolved an issue with Mighty Rewards where a refund of mighty rewards points was not recording the transaction type causing issues with the Till Log and Till Reconciliation.Refer to existing process:

Redeeming Mighty Rewards at Point of Sale
FWKS-7562FrameworksMighty RewardsUI Screen definition change only.Not Applicable
FWKS-6795Both Frameworks & ProStixNuVuSterland has resolved an issue with Picking Slip Format 92. In both Frameworks and ProStix the products comment line will now be picked up in the spool file.Not Applicable
FWKS-6820ProStixNuVuSterland has resolved an issue where the product labels for format 20 were not printing all the required information. Refer to existing process:

Print Labels
FWKS-7090Both Frameworks & ProStixNuVuSterland has extended the functionality of the PosRepName flag so that it acts on star POS dockets. Depending on the value of the flag, either the first or full name of the sale rep will be displayed on the docket. Refer to existing:

System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7265Both Frameworks & ProStixNuVuSterland have now update picking slip format 97 and 20 to include a 'Return Goods List' header when printing the Picking Slip from a Credit Note/Credit Refund.Not Applicable
FWKS-7285ProStixNuVuSterland has rectified the following issues on Picking Slip format 49:

a. Description of the Product Bin Location overlaps in the UOM field

b. Total Amount is not displaying the value if it is greater than 999,999.99.
Not Applicable
FWKS-7320FrameworksNuVuSterland have rectified an issue concerning re-printing customer payment receipts that were not being emailed if the printer type on the device was set to "star". Not Applicable
FWKS-7322ProStixNuVuSterland have resolved an issue where Picking Slip Format #49 was not printing all the bin locations against the correct detail lines of a Sales Order.  The system was re-printing the bin locations from the previous line of the Sales Order.Not Applicable
FWKS-7343FrameworksNuVuSterland have implemented a new development which allows the number of product labels to be printed to be defined while receipting in the stock. This development has been implemented in both Frameworks and ProStix and is controlled by a new system flag: "RcptPrdLbl". In ProStix this is seen as a new popup screen between selecting the receipting quantities and confirming the receipt. In Frameworks, additional fields have been added to the grid with a few header fields for printer selection. A default number of product labels will be defined based on the setting of the new system flag: "ProdLblDefZero". If the flag is active, the defaults will be zero, if the flag is inactive, the defaults will be set based on the number of stocking UOM.System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7357Both Frameworks & ProStixNuVuSterland has made the following changes to customer details not printing on special buy-in Purchase Orders format 23:

a. Include the Supplier Reference if it is not indicated in the Comment fields

b. Include Customer Name and Customer Address if the Purchase Order has a Linked Sales Order 
Not Applicable
FWKS-7394ProStixNuVuSterland has rectified an issue within Invoice Format 92 output where the GST Exclusive Invoice printed using NuVu = No was removing further 10% from the price override product lines. This since now been rectified. Not Applicable
FWKS-7429ProStixNuVuSterland has updated Picking Slip format 4 to include the minimum and maximum quantity of products.Not Applicable 
FWKS-7450FrameworksNuVuSterland have resolved an issue where Picking Slips Format #97 (NuVu  = no) was not printing the Sales Order detail line comments. Not Applicable
FWKS-7003ProStixPhocasSterland is pleased to announce that Open Orders and Open & Lost Quotes are now available for Phocas Extract.Phocas Data Extracts
FWKS-7133ProStixPhocasSterland has rectified an issue in the Phocas GL chart, Phocas GL transaction and Phocas GL transaction detail extract files where if a Pipe symbol (|) existed in the Description or Narrative field, the records were not being extracted.Sterland BI (Phocas) User Guide
FWKS-7144ProStixPhocasSterland has rectified an issue in the Phocas Extract module wherein the Phocas Extract Default Date was not being used as basis for the extracted data for Purchases and Stock On Hand generated files. Not Applicable
FWKS-6484FrameworksPick & DespatchSterland has resolved an issue with Purchase Orders appearing in the mobile application  Pick & Despatch, where the despatch method was copied from the Sales Order when creating linked Purchase Orders. Refer to existing process:

Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-7445ProStixPick & DespatchSterland has rectified an issue in Pick and Despatch wherein Jobs with Manufactured Products could not be released if the entire job is not completed. Now, only the manufacturing workcentre needs to be complete to allow picking and releasing of the order.Refer to existing processes:

Job Processing User Guide
Picking - Pick and Despatch
FWKS-4592FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has restricted the posting being made to the till variations account if there is no variation present.Refer to existing process:

Till Reconciliation & Banking
FWKS-5424FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has changed the term "Partial Rebate" or "Part Rebate" to now be just 'Rebated' in the system.Refer to existing processes:

Creating a Frameworks User ID
Product Lines
FWKS-5433FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland have made a change so that only branches from the session company will be available to be viewed in the Till Log. This will be further restricted by a users security branch settings. Refer tp existing process:

Till Log
FWKS-7024ProStixPoint Of SaleSterland has rectified an issue wherein multiple users cannot access the ProStix Till Reconciliation screen at the same time.Refer to existing process:

Till Reconciliation - Point Of Sale
FWKS-7118Both Frameworks & ProStixPoint Of SaleSterland have made a change for Quote format 49 so that the calculation and printing of settlement discounts is now based on whether the customer is of type 'shareholder'. Previously the customer flag: "settlement discounts" controlled this behaviour.Refer to existing processes:

Settlement Discount
FWKS-7329FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has improved the Till Reconciliation function to give the user a running total of the variation amount to prevent the need for a calculator to determine how much the till is potentially out of balance before proceeding it to the "reconciled" status.Refer to existing process:

Till Reconciliation
FWKS-7344Both Frameworks & ProStixPoint Of SaleSterland have now increased the character limit to 150 on the customer message so that when a customer is past their credit age, the entire customer message can be viewed.Refer to existing process:

Point Of Sale
FWKS-7360FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland have revised the way the "Print Account Receipt" flag works on Device Maintenance. It will now be used to set the default value of the flag as it appears on the tendering of account payments. Refer to existing process:

Device Maintenance
FWKS-7458ProStixPoint Of SaleSterland now prevents the utility fixsuspended.p from deleting suspended sales for the current dateNot Applicable
FWKS-7521FrameworksPoint Of Sale
Sales Order Processing
Sterland have rectified a system error that was occurring when adding a multi-tally product with length surcharges (such that the line would split) into a specific line no. where there was also products already existing in the grid with line no.'s greater than the one being entered. Sales Orders
FWKS-4811FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has now added a Branch filter the Printer Finder screen. Not Applicable
FWKS-6474FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has rectified an issue in the Reports Dashboard wherein the Email Subject default is 'Null'. The Email Subject now defaults to the Report Name.Reporting Dashboard
FWKS-6870FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has now made the 'To:' field automatically populate with the customer default email when sending Customer Invoices and Statements.Refer to existing process:

Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-7039FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has made a change so that if the "default printer" option is selected in the Special Order Receipt Labels scheduled task, the default printer will be defined by the receipt label printer on the device. Not Applicable
FWKS-7008FrameworksPrinting or Emailing
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has added the following fields, Previous Prints in the Picking Slip Print Dialog and Pick List Print # in the Sales Order Header tab, to indicate the number of times the Picking Slip was previously printed.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-7401FrameworksProductionFrameworks has now introduced the functionality to import manufactured item components from a multinail .pro file.How to Import a Multinail file into Frameworks
FWKS-7060FrameworksProjects and JobsSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Project Acceptance Cover sheet is displaying the wrong descriptions. Not Applicable
FWKS-6985FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue where the fax number in the Purchase Order print dialog was not defaulting to the fax number entered on the purchase order - delivery details tab. The print dialog will now default to this field, although if blank, will default to the supplier default fax number.Refer to existing process:

Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7030FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue in the Purchase Requisition - Product Finder screen wherein it is not populating the Supplier field and it does not list the Supplier Products in the search.Refer to existing process:

Purchase Requisitions
FWKS-7078FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue in Frameworks Purchase requisition screen in which Auto Re-Order Schedule was not picking up the correct batch type.Refer to existing process:

Purchase Requisitions
FWKS-7079ProStixPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue with the Purchase Order report wherein the catalogue number of a product was printing on the next page due to formatting issue with purchase order format 67. Not Applicable
FWKS-7152FrameworksPurchasingSterland have improved the inner pack validation on Purchase Order Maintenance to include the order line number in the error message. Refer to existing process:

Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7301Both Frameworks & ProStixPurchasingSterland have resolved an issue where in some instances, the cost of products on a purchase order, created via purchase requisitions, were incorrect. The resolution has been to re-cost all lines of the purchase requisition when it becomes a purchase order. Creating a Purchase Requisition batch via a Sales Order
FWKS-7389ProStixPurchasingSterland has made a change to the excess stock screen within ProStix to included the performance category on the screen.Refer to existing process:

Branch Transfers User Guide
FWKS-7410ProStixPurchasingSterland have created a new system integer "invStkPDay" which will exclude any Purchase Orders from the stock re-order count where the date required is outside the specified range of current date +  invStkPDay.ProStix Tailoring and Configuration Flags
FWKS-7474FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue within Frameworks where incorrect sales history was being displayed for products in Requisition Maintenance.

Refer to existing process:

Purchase Requisitions

FWKS-7541FrameworksPurchasingSterland have resolved an issue in Purchase Order Maintenance where length surcharges were not applying in some situations based the system flag: FWRecalCost. Refer to existing process:

Maintaining a Purchase Order
FWKS-7551FrameworksPurchasingSterland have rectified an issue where the unit cost was not updating after changing of UOM on Purchase Orders, when the flag "FWRecalCost" was active. System Settings - Flags
Sales Order Processing
Sterland have added the Finalise Transfer option to the Sales Order Fulfillment Review screen (via Linked Purchase Orders) and the Mutli Purchase Order Review screen (via Purchase Requisitions). This will allow users to lock the branch transfer purchase order from the review screen in preparation of sending the request order to the transfer branch. Refer to existing process:

Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-6215FrameworksReceiptingSterland are pleased to announce that there is now an option from within the Stock Receipting screen to create an invoice upon receipting. This functionality can be turned on by the new system flag: FWReceiptInvCap which will make the new fields available in the stock receipting screen. Another new system flag: FWReceiptInvVal controls whether upon receipting the invoice is created or a new approval record is created and sent to stock invoice approval first. Lastly, the new system flag: FWReceiptInvMan controls whether these fields are mandatory or not when receipting stock.  Refer to:

System Settings - Flags

Receipting Stock
FWKS-6611FrameworksReceiptingSterland have rectified an issue when receipting Purchase Orders that have tally quantities, that the original purchase order tally quantity is displayed. Subsequent back orders will now also display the remaining tally quantity when processing the stock receipt.Not Applicable
FWKS-7295FrameworksReceiptingSterland has rectified an issue in the Stock Receipting screen wherein when adding a new Product Order in the Purchase Order Receipt, the Product Description was not populated.Refer to existing process:

Receipting Stock
FWKS-7398FrameworksReceiptingSterland have resolved an issue with rebates posting an incorrect amount into the deferred rebate debtors account in a non-rebated stock environment. Not Applicable
FWKS-7415ProStixReceiptingSterland has resolved an issue with the GL postings in Stock receipting from ProStix. Not Applicable
FWKS-4759FrameworksReportingSterland have added three new call sheet reports to the Report Category List:

1. 'Customers without a callsheet' - A listing of customers that have not had a salesrep call sheet recorded within the past 'n' days. Grouped by salesrep.

2. 'SalesRep Call Sheet Report' - A listing of salesrep call sheets recorded in the specified date range. Grouped by salesrep.

3. 'SalesRep Call Sheet FollowUp Report' - Listing of salesrep call sheets with a next call date in the specified date range. Grouped by salesrep.
Customers without a Call Sheet Report

SalesRep Call Sheet FollowUp Report

SalesRep Call Sheet Report
FWKS-6525Both Frameworks & ProStixReportingSterland have added a new sales report to the Report Category List - "Promotional Sales" which reports on promotional sales for the nominated promotion, branch and date range specified. Promotional Sales Report
FWKS-6528Both Frameworks & ProStixReportingSterland have released a new report - "Products by Location", which is a listing of products within a nominated location rangeProducts by Location Report
FWKS-6529Both Frameworks & ProStixReportingSterland are introducing a new report - "Orders by Product", which lists products from open Sales Orders within the specified range of products and branches.Orders by Product Report
FWKS-7055FrameworksReportingSterland have added a new column to the GL Trial balance report to show the movement value for the nominated month.GL Trial Balance Report
FWKS-7056FrameworksReportingSterland has made an addition in the customers monthly gp% into the Sales by Salesrep - Customer Monthly Totals Report.Refer to existing process:

Sales By SalesRep - Customer Monthly Totals Report
FWKS-7157FrameworksReportingSterland have introduced a new report - "GL Chart Of Accounts - Extended". This extends on the existing report by adding account categorisations and an option to include the Phocas reporting field.GL Chart Of Accounts - Extended Report
FWKS-7341FrameworksReportingSterland has released a new report to track the aging of Outstanding Sales Orders over the last 12 months to aid in ensuring that orders are not missed and reviewed frequently.Aged Sales Orders by Branch
FWKS-7381FrameworksReportingSterland has rectified an issue where product codes were displayed in lowercase and 'NOTES' were acting as a product in report 'Sales Below Nominated GP'.Sales Below Nominated GP Report
FWKS-7423FrameworksReportingSterland has created a new report: "Packs in Stock" which will show a split of owned packs vs consignment packs. Packs In Stock Report
FWKS-7570FrameworksReportingSterland have added a new utility report to the Report Category List - "User Listing" which reports on users that are included in the system. User Listing Report
FWKS-6253FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has resolved an issue with price overrides not accepting a valid authorised user. 

Refer to existing:

Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order

FWKS-7054FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue in branch transfer Sales Orders wherein GST was being charged because the customer or branch was being changed on the order after creation. The customer and branch fields for branch transfer sales orders have now been locked down and made uneditable.Refer to existing process:

Creating an internal branch transfer via a Sales Order
FWKS-7176FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have amended the functionality of system integer: FWLPODays, so that if the sales order date - FWLPODays < Current date, the Linked Purchase Order date required will be set to the current date instead of the date already past.  Refer to existing process:

Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-7215FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has added the following features in the User Finder screen: User Home Branch and the ability to filter Inactive Users. Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-7280Both Frameworks & ProStixSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue where deleting back orders from ProStix would stop user with an error message when back ordering from normal picking in Frameworks. Refer to existing process:

Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-7302ProStixSales Order ProcessingSterland have rectified an issue where products that have an alternate UOM with a conversion, could not be added to a S/O's linked P/O without an invalid error stating that the order quantity is not a multiple of the pack quantity against the supplier.Linking Purchase Orders to Sales Orders
FWKS-7308ProStixSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue where Sales Orders with a delivery charge but no product details were being deleted when the PurgeZeroOrder Scheduled Task is run.Refer to existing process:

Recently added scheduled tasks
FWKS-7324FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have added additional validation to the Sales Order Fulfillment screen so that a branch transfer internal supplier cannot be selected unless the source is also set to "transfer". Creating an internal branch transfer via a Sales Order
FWKS-7402FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved a system error that was occurring where entering supervisor details on the quote acceptance screen.Not Applicable
FWKS-7403FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved an issue where selecting a delivery address which had a delivery area with a delivery fee setup, was not adding the delivery fee to the Order. Not Applicable
FWKS-7497FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue in Frameworks where in Sales Orders a customers' delivery details would be replaced with a Pickup method description when transitioning from a quote to an order.Refer to existing process:

Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-7520FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved an issue where a critical error was appearing in a sales order quote entry intermittently. Not Applicable
FWKS-7531FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have rectified issue regarding quote format 2 and invoice format 85 header texts not starting on a new line in the print output.Not Applicable
FWKS-7533FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved an issue in Sales Orders where the error message: "System error: Invalid handle not initialized or points to a deleted object. (3135) " was appearing intermittently. Not Applicable
FWKS-4505FrameworksSpecial PricingThe following columns have been added in the Future Price Review screen:

a. Product Subgroup 1

b. Product Subgroup 2

c. Product Subgroup 3

d. Percentage Difference between Old Cost and New Cost

e. Percentage Difference between Old GP and New GP

f. Percentage Difference between Old GST Inc Sell and New GST Inc Sell
Refer to existing process:

Future Price Review
FWKS-7437ProStixSpecial PricingSterland has improved the performance of the PAM pricing update which is used for the Pricebook feature and optionally the Trade Portal.  Sites with a large number of customers/products using one or both of these features will see a marked speed improvement when the scheduled overnight PAM update executes.Not Applicable
FWKS-6720FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Branch Maintenance GL Account Finder screen now only displays the accounts specific to the User's session branch.Refer to existing process:

Adding a New Branch or Store
FWKS-7288ProStixSystem AdministrationSterland have re-added the utility program loadsf.p to the standard release pack.Not Applicable
FWKS-5295FrameworksSystem SetupSterland have made a change so that if an SMS is sent via the NuVu server, the server used will be the default NuVu server defined against the branch. Refer to existing process:

Sending SMS within Frameworks
Trade Portal Sterland has rectified an issue in the Trade Portal wherein Child Account invoices were not loading in the Parent Account Trade Portal. Refer to existing process:

Email or Print Invoices, Orders and Statements
Trade Portal Sterland have made a change so that orders and quotes created on the Trade Portal will now have an initial status of "new" and the assignee will be set to the user associated with the sales rep number of the customer used to login to Trade Portal. Refer to existing process:

Creating a Quote or an Order