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Current Release

Frameworks v5.3.4 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v5.3.4

Release Date

Patch version of the Frameworks 5.3 Release. Once version 5.4 is released, these fixes will be incorporated into the 5.4 Release Notes. 


This release of Frameworks includes the 4.8.2 ProStix base

This release also requires Progress OE11.6.3+

Pack DownloadFor customers who are managing their own upgrades the latest Frameworks pack can be downloaded from 
Mobile Apps Client CodeFor customer managing their own upgrades the current version of mobile apps client code is version 2.0.8. Please refer to support if you are unsure of your current version

To download the Release Notes spreadsheet

  1. Click this link: Frameworks Release Notes 5.3.4.xlsx then select the download button from the top right of the screen. This spreadsheet contains the full set of Release Notes for version 5.3 plus all patch versions to date.

 The spreadsheet contains the following:
  • Issue key
  • Module
  • Release-Notes
  • Testing Scenarios
  • SKB Documentation
  • Flags/Feature Codes Used
  • Sysaid ID
  • Customer/s
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Dependent On
  • Problem/Incident
  • Relates To

Release testing recommendations

The attached release notes are changes contained from the last version 5.3.4. If you are upgrading from a previous version please review all release notes from your current version (contain in the spreadsheet above). 

Version 5.3.4 is a patch release and whilst Sterland would always recommend a full system test on each release we understand that is not always achievable. As a guide the following is recommended for this 5.3.3 release:

  1. Review and test any "green highlighted calls" 
  2. Test all calls released in the version that were logged by your organisation. This can be seen and sorted by downloading the Release spreadsheet and searching for your company name and/or ticket reference
  3. A base transactional test of POS, SOP and Purchasing, as well as:
  • Mighty Rewards fixes (if applicable to your organisation)

Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

Issue SystemModuleRelease NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-7500FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have rectified an issue in Frameworks where users were unable to remove an Invoice within Expense Invoice Entry. System error preventing the deletion has now been resolved.

Refer to existing process:

Expense Invoice Entry

FWKS-6800ProStixAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue where the Overdue Account report (run in ProStix) was not displaying the latest customer payment and date if they were made in Frameworks. 

Refer to existing process:

Overdue Accounts Report

FWKS-6897FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue in Invoice Format #37 where a product using 4 decimal places was not displaying the unit price using 4 decimal places resulting in the customer not being able to calculate the line total correctly.Not Applicable
FWKS-7469FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have made amendments to the auto-allocate payment scheduled task to allow zero and negative payments against auto-allocate customers to be available for manual assignment. Refer to existing process:
Processing Customer Payments
FWKS-7501FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue where the costs imported from a commercial file were being overridden with the standard costs when saving the quote. Refer to existing processes:

How to import a commercial file
Importing Commercial Files into an existing Sales Quote
FWKS-6932FrameworksCentral AllocationsFrameworks now has the functionality to reverse Weighbridge Tickets after an Invoice has been created.Not Applicable
FWKS-7089FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland is pleased to announce Frameworks now has the ability to Mass Import Trade Cartage details in Miscellaneous Table Maintenance. You are now able to:

- Create and import new Trade Cartage details via the Download Template/Import option via the 'Actions' button

- Update old Trade Cartage details by exporting the data to Microsoft Excel, updating the details, then importing back to the Miscellaneous Table.
Central Allocations - System Administration & Setup
FWKS-7339FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have resolved an issue involving contracts and Weighbridge Tickets. Now all Weighbridge Tickets will be invoiced with the contract price  at the time of the ticket creation.Not Applicable
FWKS-7511FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland have now resolved an issue in Frameworks - Central Allocations so that when entering a customer in the Transport Order Entry and Weighbridge Ticket Entry screens, the address field and any details attached to the address will be automatically populated per the following rules:

- If no Delivery Address = Default to Customer Address

- If 1 Delivery Address = Default to Delivery Address

- If 1 Delivery Address + Contract = Default to Delivery Address and fill Contract field

- If Multiple Delivery Addresses (with or without contracts) = Defaults to blank, waiting for an address to be selected to fill details attached to the address
Refer to existing process:

Central Allocations
FWKS-7516FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland has resolved an issue in regards to the GL postings of Weighbridge Tickets. The correct source transactions are now referenced in the GL dashboard for the order release movement of the consolidated invoice. Central Allocations
FWKS-7553FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland has resolved an issue involving Weighbridge Ticket View regarding the site colours. You can now have as many sites with colours as you like and it will not effect the functionality of the Weighbridge Ticket View screen.Refer to existing process:

Central Allocations Viewing Weighbridge Tickets
FWKS-7370ProStixInventorySterland has added the utility program fixfutprice2.p to the current list of utilities that can be run via ProStix menu shortcuts System Administration - Utilities - Run a Program. This utility allows future standard cost, branch cost and/or supplier costs to be removed for a specified date. Not Applicable
FWKS-7446ProStixInventorySterland have resolved an issue where a product with an alternate UOM, a timber length surcharge with timber sawing, and handling costs is added to a POS cash sale or sales order with a price override. On tendering the POS cash sale or releasing the sales order, the resulting tax invoice had the incorrect cost stored against the product detail line.Not Applicable
FWKS-7487FrameworksInventoryTier Pricing - Datafix utilityNot Applicable
Frameworks now has the ability to create supplier contracts for a specific branch or all branches, as well as the ability to delete supplier contracts. Not Applicable
FWKS-7496FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland has rectified an issue wherein the Email Address field in the Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance screen was not accepting emails with underscore.Refer to existing process:

Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance
FWKS-7529FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland have resolved an issue with Mighty Rewards where a refund of mighty rewards points was not recording the transaction type causing issues with the Till Log and Till Reconciliation.Refer to existing process:

Redeeming Mighty Rewards at Point of Sale
FWKS-7562FrameworksMighty RewardsUI Screen definition change only.Not Applicable
FWKS-7450FrameworksNuVuSterland have resolved an issue where Picking Slips Format #97 (NuVu  = no) was not printing the Sales Order detail line comments. Not Applicable
FWKS-7445ProStixPick & DespatchSterland has rectified an issue in Pick and Despatch wherein Jobs with Manufactured Products could not be released if the entire job is not completed. Now, only the manufacturing workcentre needs to be complete to allow picking and releasing of the order.Refer to existing processes:

Job Processing User Guide

Picking - Pick and Despatch
FWKS-7521FrameworksPoint Of Sale
Sales Order Processing
Sterland have rectified a system error that was occurring when adding a multi-tally product with length surcharges (such that the line would split) into a specific line no. where there was also products already existing in the grid with line no.'s greater than the one being entered. Sales Orders
FWKS-7410ProStixPurchasingSterland have created a new system integer "invStkPDay" which will exclude any Purchase Orders from the stock re-order count where the date required is outside the specified range of current date +  invStkPDay.ProStix Tailoring and Configuration Flags
FWKS-7551FrameworksPurchasingSterland have rectified an issue where the unit cost was not updating after changing of UOM on Purchase Orders, when the flag "FWRecalCost" was active. System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7386FrameworksReportingSterland have released a new report: Overdue Debtors, which lists the debtor accounts that have an overdue amount older than the specified number of days grouped by the customers home branch. The report can be further refined by branch. Reporting Dashboard
FWKS-7302ProStixSales Order ProcessingSterland have rectified an issue where products that have an alternate UOM with a conversion, could not be added to a S/O's linked P/O without an invalid error stating that the order quantity is not a multiple of the pack quantity against the supplier.Linking Purchase Orders to Sales Orders
FWKS-7520FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved an issue where a critical error was appearing in a sales order quote entry intermittently. Not Applicable
FWKS-7531FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have rectified issue regarding quote format 2 and invoice format 85 header texts not starting on a new line in the print output.Not Applicable
FWKS-7533FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have resolved an issue in Sales Orders where the error message: "System error: Invalid handle not initialized or points to a deleted object. (3135) " was appearing intermittently. Not Applicable
FWKS-6874ProStixTrade Portal Sterland has rectified an issue in the Trade Portal wherein Child Account invoices were not loading in the Parent Account Trade Portal. Refer to existing process:

Email or Print Invoices, Orders and Statements