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Current Release

Frameworks v5.3.2 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v5.3.2

Release Date

Patch version of the Frameworks 5.3 Release. Once version 5.4 is released, these fixes will be incorporated into the 5.4 Release Notes. 


This release of Frameworks includes the 4.8.2 ProStix base

This release also requires Progress OE11.6.3+

To download the Release Notes spreadsheet

  1. Click this link:Frameworks 5.3.2 Release Notes.xlsx then select the download button from the top right of the screen.

 The spreadsheet contains the following:
  • Issue key
  • Module
  • Release-Notes
  • Testing Scenarios
  • SKB Documentation
  • Flags/Feature Codes Used
  • Sysaid ID
  • Customer/s
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Dependent On
  • Problem/Incident
  • Relates To

Release testing recommendations

Version 5.3.2 is a patch release and whilst Sterland would always recommend a full system test on each release we understand that is not always achievable. As a guide the following is recommended for this 5.3.2 release:

  1. Review and test any "green highlighted calls" 
  2. Test all calls released in the version that were logged by your organisation. This can be seen and sorted by downloading the Release spreadsheet and searching for your company name and/or ticket reference
  3. A base transactional test of POS, SOP and purchasing

Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

Issue SystemModuleRelease NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-7351FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has implemented a new feature code so that when a customer has exceeded their credit limit, users can customize the warning message shown on the screen.System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7330FrameworksInventorySterland have created a new feature flag: 'ProdDescCaps' which when active will automatically capitalise the product description field in Product Maintenance upon save. If this flag is not active, the product description will remain in the case/s that it was entered. System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7328FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland has rectified an issue in the Mighty Rewards Card Registration and Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance screens wherein the Email Address field is not allowing emails that contain the following:

a. Email Address with more than 3 tags after the @

b. Email Address with dash (-)
Mighty Rewards
FWKS-7233ProStixNuVuCustom Quote template change format 37Not Applicable
FWKS-7301Both Frameworks & ProstixPurchasingSterland have resolved an issue where in some instances, the cost of products on a purchase order, created via purchase requisitions, were incorrect. The resolution has been to re-cost all lines of the purchase requisition when it becomes a purchase order. Creating a Purchase Requisition batch via a Sales Order
FWKS-7324FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland have added additional validation to the Sales Order Fulfillment screen so that a branch transfer internal supplier cannot be selected unless the source is also set to "transfer". Creating an internal branch transfer via a Sales Order