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Current Release

Frameworks v5.3.1 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v5.3.1

Release Date

Patch version of the Frameworks 5.3 Release. Once version 5.4 is released, these fixes will be incorporated into the 5.4 Release Notes. 


This release of Frameworks includes the 4.8.2 ProStix base

This release also requires Progress OE11.6.3+

To download the Release Notes spreadsheet

  1. Click this link: Frameworks 5.3.1 Release Notes.xlsx then select the download button from the top right of the screen.

 The spreadsheet contains the following:
  • Issue key
  • Module
  • Release-Notes
  • Testing Scenarios
  • SKB Documentation
  • Flags/Feature Codes Used
  • Sysaid ID
  • Customer/s
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Dependent On
  • Problem/Incident
  • Relates To

Release testing recommendations

Version 5.3.1 is a patch release and whilst Sterland would always recommend a full system test on each release we understand that is not always achievable. As a guide the following is recommended for this 5.3.1 release:

  1. Review and test any "green highlighted calls" 
  2. Test all calls released in the version that were logged by your organisation. This can be seen and sorted by downloading the Release spreadsheet and searching for your company name and/or ticket reference
  3. A base transactional test of POS, SOP and purchasing
  4. Based on the specifics of this release we also recommend test in the following areas if they are in use within your business:

    • Purchasing
    • Sales Order Processing

Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

Issue SystemModuleRelease NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-7230Both Frameworks & ProStixAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue. Customer statements for format 57 are now printing correctly depending on the type of statement defined in the customer record (i.e. balance forward or open item). Customer Statements
FWKS-7274FrameworksExpense Invoice EntrySterland  have implemented a new feature in Expense Invoice Entry. You can now mark an invoice as complete via the 'Complete' checkbox in the header section. If you would like to only see the completed entries in the search/result section, select the 'Completed Only' checkbox when searching. Completed invoices have their status highlighted green in the results section for convenience. Expense Invoice Entry
FWKS-7249FrameworksMighty RewardsSterland have made a change to Mighty Rewards so that each branch can define their own server where Clyx is installed based on the setting of the flag: FWClyxLoc. If this flag is yes, the clyx server will be defined by the branch nuvu host server. If no, it will be defined by the system code: FWClyxHost. Additionally, changes have been made to cater for negative points balances. Mighty Rewards

System Settings - Flags
FWKS-7276FrameworksMighty Rewards
Point Of Sale
Sterland have resolved an issue where if a rewards card was entered in POS and the finish sale button was pressed immediately without leaving the field, a system error was produced. Mighty Rewards
FWKS-6537ProStixPhocasSterland has rectified an issue in the Phocas GL chart extract file where if a carriage return existed in the account name, it was causing the line to end and start again on the next line. Chart Of Accounts
FWKS-7133ProStixPhocasSterland has rectified an issue in the Phocas GL chart, Phocas GL transaction and Phocas GL transaction detail extract files where if a Pipe symbol (|) existed in the Description or Narrative field, the records were not being extracted.Sterland BI (Phocas) User Guide
FWKS-7139Both Frameworks & ProStixPoint Of SaleSterland have now implemented a change so that Farmland invoices will be sent separately for each company. Not Applicable
FWKS-7153FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland have resolved an issue. Now when the Create Order option is used in POS, a Sales Order and deposit payment  are created. Processing a Quote or Order from POS
FWKS-7175FrameworksPoint Of SaleFrameworks now has the ability to enforce remote credit approval for Point of Sale transactions. When the new company flag: "Remove Credit Approval" is active, suspended transactions from Point Of Sale for account type customer (that are over their credit limit or outside their credit terms) will show up in the Order Credit Approval function.  Please contact Sterland Computing.
FWKS-7242FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland have resolved an issue where the defined number of copies (per device setting) were not printing from a thermal docket printer. Device Maintenance
FWKS-6886ProStixPrinting or EmailingSterland have rectified Delivery Docket format 49 formatting issues.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6492ProStixPrinting or Emailing
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has rectified an issue. The Volume Total of M3 products in a Picking Slip is now correct.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6908FrameworksPurchasingSterland have added the Purchase Order reference to the Purchase Order confirmation output in format 29, same as in format 20. Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7108FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue.  The full Product Description is now being displayed in the Stock Receipting screen. Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7301Both Frameworks & ProStixPurchasingTBANot Applicable
FWKS-7117FrameworksReportingCustomer group builder contractReport Category List
FWKS-7127FrameworksReportingNew Report - Quote Win Loss by OperatorReport Category List
FWKS-7099FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has resolved an account balancing issue where Sales Orders were being picked-up and processed through Point Of Sales as a cash sale and therefore leaving the deposit outstanding.
FWKS-7194FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue. Sales Order Confirmation for format 37 no longer has extra unnecessary lines when there is a negative rounding variance product added to the order.
FWKS-7286FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has now resolved the credit data warning screen issue. Sterland have created a new flag so that when activated the credit warning screen will show the customers credit details, but when un-ticked, the screen will only display a message informing the user that this customer has exceeded their credit limit and will NOT disclose any of the customers personal account details.
FWKS-6991FrameworksStock ControlSterland has resolved an issue in the Stock Movements screen. Invoices now show the correct reference.
FWKS-7172ProStixSystem AdministrationSterland have made a change. The utility program Fixbank.p now allows 60 characters in the Reference field.
FWKS-7191ProStixSystem AdministrationSterland have re-added the following utility programs: updstktyps.p, updprodtyps.p, invupackqty.p, and impproddisc.p.