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Current Release

Frameworks v5.3 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v5.3

Release Date



This release also requires Progress OE11.6.3+


All M10 stores will be able to upgrade their current systems to 5.2.3. 

To download the Release Notes spreadsheet

  1. Click this link: Frameworks 5.3 Release Notes then select the download button from the top right of the screen.

 The spreadsheet contains the following:
  • Issue key
  • Module
  • Release-Notes
  • Testing Scenarios
  • SKB Documentation
  • Flags/Feature Codes Used
  • Sysaid ID
  • Customer/s
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Dependent On
  • Problem/Incident
  • Relates To

Release testing recommendations

Version 5.3 is a minor release and whilst Sterland would always recommend a full system test on each release we understand that is not always achievable. As a guide the following is recommended for this release:

  1. Review and test any "green highlighted calls" 
  2. Test all calls released in the version that were logged by your organisation. This can be seen and sorted by downloading the Release spreadsheet and searching for your company name and/or ticket reference
  3. A base transactional test of POS, SOP and purchasing

Based on the specifics of this release we also recommend test in the following areas if they are in use within your business:

  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Orders
  • Special Buyins & Linked PO
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Receipting
  • Stock Invoice Approval
  • Projects and Jobs
  • Credits & Refunds
  • Customer Order Processing
  • Purchase Requisitions

Fixes and Enhancements in this version

The following tickets are highlighted as they are either a key fix or a key product release improvement:

Issue SystemModuleRelease NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-7007ProstixAccounts PayableSterland have rectified an issue with Supplier Payment cancellations whereby a one-sided journal was being created to the bank, Supplier balances were not being updated and Supplier invoices were not being reinstated as payable transactions.Cancelling a Payment
FWKS-6558FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has added a new feature in Frameworks. A User now has the option to print a receipt when processing payments to Customer accounts.Processing Customer Payments
Processing Account Payments at POS
Device Maintenance
FWKS-7225FrameworksCredits and RefundsSterland have removed the Credits & Refunds menu options from the main menu in an effort to force users through the Credit Notes dashboard when creating a new refund transaction. This is to adhere to the current dashboard - maintenance relationship standard set by Sales Orders. To create a new refund, a user will now have to press the "New" button on the Credit Note dashboard. Not Applicable
FWKS-4732FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has added a new system flag enabled feature in Frameworks. A user now has the option to add a Customer Friendly Product Description in Product Maintenance which can be used when printing a Product Label or when viewing the product from Trade Portal. Refer to existing processes:

System Settings - Flags
Product Labels
Product Maintenance
Creating a new Product
Enhanced Product Search
FWKS-6470Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded DevelopmentFrameworks now has the Supplier Contract Pricing functionality.TBA
Accounts Payable
Sterland has made a change so that when a Supplier Payment Batch contains invoices where one Supplier is setup to pay via cheque and another is setup to pay via direct credit, the GL postings will be separated whereby:

- Invoices under the Supplier with the cheque payment method are individually posted with the cheque number as the reference.

- Invoices under the Supplier with the direct credit payment method are grouped to one GL posting with the reference as "Credits". 
Payment Selection Batches
GL Dashboard
FWKS-6339Accounts ReceivableFrameworksSterland has rectified an issue where statements were not able to be printed from Frameworks due to a time-out error.Statement Batch Print
FWKS-5299FrameworksInventorySterland are pleased to announce the release of a new function: "Product Maintenance". Users are now able to create, view, edit and delete products from within Frameworks. More functionality is expected to be released in the coming versions.Under Construction
Product Maintenance
FWKS-6771FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has made a fix so that if a user closes the tender window after taking an EFTPOS payment then reopens the tender screen, the previous tender amount is displayed and allows the user to continue and complete the sale. The EFTPOS is not processed in the system until the full tender is completed.Tendering Payments
FWKS-6495FrameworksPurchasingSterland has redesigned the Purchase Requisitions screen so that it fits within the current standard. The header record will be created first and will trigger the opening of the maintenance screen where additional information can be added. Changes to the grid have been implemented and a refresh button introduced to allow multiple Users to edit the same requisition batch without any issue. Purchase Requisitions
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has made a change so that a User will no longer need to re-enter an operator PIN on a Sales or Purchase Order after the respective transaction is printed.Creating a Frameworks User ID
Creating a Sales Order
Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-6258FrameworksSales Order Processing
System Setup
Sterland has corrected an issue where the Sales Order Column Configurations were not successfully saving newly added columns when the user selected to "Save My Configurations".Advanced Grid Features
Customising Columns
FWKS-6094FrameworksSpecial Buy-In
Special Pricing
Sterland is pleased to announce that we have made changes to the Special Buyins feature in Frameworks. The system now checks individual order lines of a transaction and marks it as a Special Buy-in if there is a cost change and a Supplier Reference entered. Special Buy Ins
FWKS-6565FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has reserved till 999 so that it is not able to be used by Frameworks Customers due to issues that were being caused. If a User attempts to use Till 999 in Device Maintenance, the User will be prompted to change the Till id to allow the save to be processed.Device Maintenance
FWKS-5975FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have rectified an issue in Payment Selection Batches where the selected bank account to create the bank file was not being used. This has now been resolved and the selected bank account is now being used.Payment Selection Batches
FWKS-6206Both Frameworks & ProstixAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue whereby Invoices are now correctly showing in Stock Invoice Approval.Stock Invoice Approval
Creditors Invoice Approval
FWKS-6672ProstixAccounts PayableSterland has rectified an issue in the ProStix AP Payment Cancellation Screen. In instances where the same cheque number was used on two separate payments, and each payment was processed against a different G/L bank account, the payment cancellation would not be allowed to complete. Now the payment cancellation does complete, the linked invoices to the cheque payment are correctly restored as payable transactions and the Supplier Transaction History is correctly updated to reflect the cancellation. Refer to existing process:

Cancelling a Payment
FWKS-7081FrameworksAccounts PayableSterland have added the Supplier Name to the Payment Selection Invoice finder. Selecting Invoices for Payment
FWKS-5915FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue when loading Customer Statement/s for a Customer who has been deleted via Customer Maintenance. Customer Statements are now loaded without error when a Customer no longer exists in the system.Customer Statements
FWKS-5959FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have added the ability to look up a General Ledger Account Number when entering in the Internal control account for a customer in Customer Maintenance.Creating a new Customer
FWKS-6110ProstixAccounts ReceivableSterland have rectified an issue where if a customer had a zero balance when printing statements with the print invoice flag set to "Yes", the invoices were not printing. Statements
FWKS-6381FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue where users could not access the Customer to GL Adjustments menu option due to a larger than normal amount of analysis codes setup in the system. A new system flag has been introduced as part of this fix: FWGLAFIND, which when active will make the analysis code field on the Customer to GL Adjustments screen a finder rather than a drop down. Customer to GL Adjustments
FWKS-6656FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has rectified an issue. If an adjustment is made against an account, the value of the adjustment is now presenting when the statement is printed (as long as the value of the adjustment is not zero).Customer to Customer Adjustments
FWKS-6701FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland has resolved an issue within the Customer Payment screen when a User entered a payment amount as zero but tendered more than zero. Validation has been put in place to stop the User from tendering more than the zero payment amount.Processing Customer Payments
FWKS-6780FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have resolved an issue where Users were not able to access the Customer to GL Adjustments menu option due to a larger than normal amount of Analysis Codes setup in the system. A new system flag FWGLAFIND has been introduced to resolve this which when active, makes the Analysis Code field on the Customer to GL Adjustments screen a Finder rather than a drop down arrow. To improve usability, it is suggested that if you use a large volume of Analysis Codes to activate the new system flag so that it is easier to find and process adjustments.Customer to GL Adjustments
FWKS-6944FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have added a new system flag: CusDryPerm which controls the default value of the "Permanent" flag in Diary Note Maintenance. Creating a Customer Diary Note
Creating a Sales Order
Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-6984FrameworksAccounts ReceivableSterland have made a change so that when an invoice is paid in full and the debtors end of month is run, the "Invoiced Value" field will be hidden in the Invoice Enquiry.   Debtors Month End
FWKS-6749FrameworksBranch TransfersSterland has resolved an issue where if a branch transfer Sales Order was partially released so that a back order existed, the link from the Purchase Order to the transfer Sales Order would be broken. Now, when clicking the transfer Sales Order hyperlink from the Purchase Order screen, the first available transfer Sales Order with the lowest suffix is found. Branch Transfers via Purchase Orders
FWKS-7087ProstixBranch Transfers
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has resolved an issue where the system would not allow the User to proceed with the creation of a linked Branch Transfer if the quantity ordered did not satisfy the linked Purchase Order' Suppliers Minimum Quantity Ordered value. Creating a Sales Order
Branch Transfers User Guide
FWKS-4712FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland is pleased to announce the release of Contract Maintenance within Frameworks. Users are now able to create and edit contracts from this screen. Contracts
FWKS-6502FrameworksCentral AllocationsThe Lot Number field in the Weighbridge Ticket is now being managed via the Customer Contract. In the Customer Contract header, a User can assign the Lot Number field as a mandatory field by clicking the 'Lot No Required' checkbox.Central Allocations - Contracts (under construction)
FWKS-6601FrameworksCentral AllocationsThe Supplier Name is now included to the Weighbridge Tickets in the Weighbridge Ticket View dashboard.Central Allocations - Viewing Weighbridge Tickets
FWKS-6740FrameworksCentral AllocationsThe Date Range fields in the Weighbridge Ticket View are now working correctly. The End Delivery Date remains the same if the Start Delivery Date has been changed.

Refer to existing process:

Central Allocations - Viewing Weighbridge Tickets

FWKS-7141FrameworksCentral AllocationsSterland has rectified an issue where if multiple weighbridge tickets were made against a single Transport Order and one of those weighbridge tickets were voided, when the scheduled consolidation task was run, the voided invoice number was being set to the consolidated invoice number and it was being included in the resulting invoice.

Please note, the totals were not including the voided products, this was only a display issue. 

Central Allocations - Creating a new Transport Order

Central Allocations - Running the nightly Central Allocations Scheduled Task

FWKS-6994FrameworksCentral Order ProcessingSterland has rectified the following issues in Customer Orders:

   a. Agreed GST Ex and Agreed GST Inc fields are now displaying the correct values.

   b. Agreed Value should only be equal to or higher than the Order Value but not more than the Customer Order Value.

   c. The Pricing method for Special Buy-In Products is now correct.
Customer Orders
FWKS-6946FrameworksCredits and RefundsSterland have rectified an issue where the GST of a delivery product was not being correctly refunded when performing a credit note. Processing a Credit Note
FWKS-6315FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland is pleased to announce that the Delivery Date and Quantity Sub-Total displayed on Consolidated Invoice Report for Format 46 and 20.
FWKS-6493Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has added two new flags for Branch Transfers - OrdRBrnT and PurSBrnT.

 a. OrdRBrnT prevents products being added and deleted to the Branch Transfer Sales Order.

 b. PurSBrnT prevents Branch Transfer Back Orders from being receipted out of sequence.
ProStix Tailoring and Configuration Flags
System Settings - Flags
Branch Transfer System Flags (Branch Transfers)
Branch Transfers
FWKS-6531ProstixCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has introduced a new flag named SupStkSrch that allows User's to set a default value for Supplier Search filters - Exclude Stock Supplier.ProStix Tailoring and Configuration Flags
FWKS-6670ProstixCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has added a new feature in the Phocas Inventory. A User has now the option to include the Receipting UOM in the Purchases Extract file. If customers wish to use this feature please notify Sterland Support so additional front end Phocas changes can be made.Export Debtor transactions to xml
ProStix Tailoring and Configuration Flags
FWKS-7041FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentSterland has rectified an issue with Detrack Application not updating backorders. Sales Orders with backorder suffixes greater than 01 are now being updated by Detrack.  Not Applicable
FWKS-7032FrameworksCustomer Funded DevelopmentTBA
FWKS-6961Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded Development Sterland have added the ability to set up a series of four warranty attributes which capture a 25 character string that can be applied to a product and then printed as additional comments on a quote, picking slip and invoice. Not Applicable
FWKS-7095FrameworksCustomer Funded Development
Accounts Payable
Frameworks now has the functionality to generate a Direct Credit File Format for the Kiwi Bank.Selecting Invoices for Payment
FWKS-7140ProstixCustomer Funded Development
Electronic Trade Module
Sales Order Processing
A new scheduled task (SplitETMOrder) has been introduced to allow the split of a CSV Order file (with multiple Header records) into single separate CSV's (one per Header record).

When the Scheduled Order Import task is run, any Orders in the folder are imported at the same time &  then available for review & order release. The addition of a 'Picking Slip Line Comment' was also added to the ETM Order dictionary to allow it to be mapped to the XML Order Import template.

Previously, the ETM Order import functionality only allowed for a single Order to be imported at a time.  
Import Orders/Quotes
FWKS-6659Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded Development
Point Of Sale
Sterland have added a new system flag: POSCshHld, which when active will stop account customers on credit hold from making cash sales. Processing Cash Sales
Processing a Cash Sale
FWKS-6761ProstixCustomer Funded Development
Printing or Emailing
Frameworks now has the functionality to print the quantity field to 5 digits and 2 decimal places for Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders for format 23.

Creating a Sales Order

Releasing an Order

Purchasing Options

FWKS-7022Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded Development
Printing or Emailing
Sterland has made a change so the quote format 23 now adheres to the integers set under QuoteNumLin. Creating a Sales Order
Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-6699ProstixCustomer Funded Development
Printing or Emailing
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has made adjustments to invoice format 49 to meet the customer's specific requirements.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6919Both Frameworks & ProstixCustomer Funded Development
System Administration
Sterland has released a new utility to allow the mass update of the SLM Exempt field that is assigned to products. Run a Program
Common Utilities
FWKS-6927ProstixCustomer Funded Development
System Administration
Sterland is pleased to announce that Daily Performance Reports by Work Centres can now be scheduled to run on a a daily basis. Day End Procedures
Daily Performance Report
FWKS-6346FrameworksCustomer OrdersSterland has resolved an issue where the repricing of a Customer Order was repricing all the products to the same value against the first product.

Refer to existing process:

Repricing a Customer Order

FWKS-6903FrameworksCustomer OrdersSterland has added an auto-reprice trigger in Customer Order Maintenance so that when the Customer on the order is changed, a reprice will occur applying the new best prices available based on the pricing hierarchy.Repricing a Customer Order
FWKS-5962FrameworksDashboardsSterland has enhanced the details shown on the General Ledger dashboard by displaying them initially in date order.Not Applicable
FWKS-6821FrameworksDashboardsSterland has rectified an issue where the customer name was not showing on the Customer Dashboard Active tab and  the product description was not displaying on the Product Dashboard Active tab. This has been resolved. Customer Dashboard
Product Dashboard
FWKS-6954FrameworksDashboardsSterland has made changes where the narration of the GL transactions is to be shown as 'Purchase Cost Variation - suppliercode - stockreceiptnumber' for purchase cost variation postings and 'Creditor Invoice - suppliercode - invoicenumber - stockreceiptnumber' for credit invoice postings. GL Transactions
Sterland has improved the Product Dashboard to now include Product Type and Branch Type as available columns when displaying product search results.Searching for a Product
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has made a change to the transaction enquiry screen to make it visible as to who has marked a quote as lost. Previously this information was not presented to the screen.Creating a Sales Quote
Customer Transaction Enquiry Dashboard
FWKS-6719ProstixElectronic Trade ModuleSterland has resolved an issue with the <F8> copy option used to create a new ETM Document Setting. The fields Sender Id, Receiver Id, Notify on Success and Notify on Failure are now copied from the existing ETM Output Document into the new ETM Output Document.Output Document Settings
FWKS-7237ProStixElectronic Trade ModuleAn order split utility (ordvsplitetm.p) has been developed for the ETM Order import function. This allows a single CSV Order with multiple Header lines to be split out into individual CSV's (one for each Header line). These can then be imported into Prostix via ETM Order import scheduled task.Not Applicable
FWKS-6570FrameworksEnterprise PickingSterland has added a Picking Group column in the Enterprise Picking screen. This column is only visible if User accesses the Enterprise Picking screen for all Picking Groups. Enterprise Picking
Enterprise Pick and Release
FWKS-233FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland is pleased to announce the release of the Cheque Entry function which will allow users to define and allocate cheques into the system. TBA
FWKS-5379FrameworksGeneral LedgerSterland has rectified an issue where now the Branches and the Company related to the Branch drop-down list are shown in GL Chart Of Accounts.Creating a new Chart Of Accounts
FWKS-6035FrameworksInterim InvoicesSterland has rectified an issue with Interim Invoicing so that the date and time of the release are not changed when the invoice is posted through the Interim Invoice queue. Interim Invoicing
FWKS-6805FrameworksInterim InvoicesSterland has made an improvement to include the Customer's home branch to the screen when looking at the list of all interim invoices.Interim Invoicing
FWKS-6566Both Frameworks & ProstixInventory
Stock Control
Sterland has rectified an issue where if a cost was overridden on a Purchase Order in a standard costing environment and then receipted, the Receipt Variation was not showing in the Stock Movements.Stock Movements
Stock Enquiry - Stock Movements
FWKS-6092FrameworksNuVuSterland has created a new Query Report that has been added to the Inventory Category called "EPC Product Export".Query Designer and Framework Dashboard Reporting
FWKS-6690ProstixNuVuSterland has rectified an issue that truncated email addresses when printing Statements when Format 23 was used for Statements and the customer Nuvu output was email. Format 23 statements now allow up to 80 characters in the the email address field.Statements
FWKS-6654Both Frameworks & ProstixPick & Despatch
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has made a number of changes in relation to this ticket/task:

- Diary Notes are displayed on ALL suffixes of a Sales Order.

- The Print Picking Slip button has been modified depending on the status of picking slip.

- When changing the Customer Number of a Sales Order in Prostix, a User can still release the order successfully in Frameworks.

- A User is now restricted from deleting a line in the Split Line pop up screen if there is only one record. 

Creating a Sales Order

How to print a picking slip

Picking Dashboard

FWKS-6040FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has rectified an issue in Point of Sale where the line price was not initially calculating the extended price where the Discount and Unit Sell fields were hidden in the product entry. Processing Cash Sales
FWKS-6710FrameworksPoint Of SaleSterland has made a change so that the system flag: PosCodKeep now sets the default value of the Casual Account field when creating a new customer via the POS or SOP screen. When PosCodKeep = Yes, the Casual Account field is NOT ticked by default and vice versa. POS Useful Information including System Flags
System Settings - Flags
FWKS-6823FrameworksPoint Of Sale
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has resolved an issue. A new Cash Customer created via Point of Sales and Sales Order Processing now has the Session Branch Brand set as its default value. Processing a Cash Sale for a new Customer
Creating a Sales Order
Branch Maintenance
FWKS-7013FrameworksPrinting or EmailingSterland has  rectified an issue where invoice faxes were being directed to the Nuvu Server IP address defined against the device printer instead of the Nuvu Server IP Address stored against the Branch.Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-6972FrameworksProduct MaintenanceSterland has added a new feature in the Product Maintenance screen. User are now able to use the Branch filter and Stock filter when searching for products. Maintaining a Product
FWKS-7145FrameworksProduct MaintenanceA new field 'Buying Group Item' has been added in the Product Maintenance - General Information section of Frameworks. This field is used to store National Buying Group Code/s.Creating a new Product
FWKS-7097FrameworksProduct Maintenance
Sales Order Processing
Sterland have rectified an issue where the Product Group and Sub Group Descriptions were not displaying on the Create Special Product pop-up screen when creating a Special Product.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6755Both Frameworks & ProstixProjects and Jobs
Sales Order Processing
Sterland is pleased to announce that a new system flag: SOPUsageSBr is now available. SOPUsageSBr when active will sort a quote printout by usage sequence number and differs from the existing flag: SOPUsageBR which sorts quotes by usage description. If both flags are active, SOPUsageSBr (usage sequence) takes precedence. 

Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
Importing Commercial Files into an existing Sales Quote

System Settings - Flags

FWKS-4454FrameworksPurchasingSterland have rectified an issue where clicking Add in the Rapid Entry feature in Purchase Orders, an error message would popup. This has since been resolved.Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-6436ProstixPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue where consignment packs where being incorrectly removed when processing a Purchase Order. Not Applicable
FWKS-6544Both Frameworks & ProstixPurchasingSterland has resolved an issue where the Supplier cost of a multi-UOM product on a Purchase Order was being multiplied by the conversion factor twice in a particular case. Refer to the test cases for further information. Creating a Purchase Order
Linked Purchase Orders
Purchasing - Standard Products
Linking Purchase Orders to Sales Orders
FWKS-6649FrameworksPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue where the Review Orders button was not being displayed when creating linked Purchase Orders.Refer to existing process:

Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-6904Both Frameworks & ProstixPurchasingSterland has resolved an issue where a tally product opened in Frameworks Purchase Orders was not setting the length, depth and width values and this was corrupting the calculation if the same order was opened in Prostix. Creating a Purchase Order

Purchasing - Standard Products
FWKS-6928FrameworksPurchasingSterland has made a change so that the system flag: FWRecalCost  now correctly updates the Unit Cost of the product to the current Supplier cost (if changed), if the flag is active. If inactive, no updating of the Unit Cost will take place even if the Supplier costs have changed. Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-6957FrameworksPurchasingSterland has resolved an issue. Purchase Orders and Linked Purchase Orders can no longer be processed against a Supplier if the Supplier is not the Preferred or Alternate Supplier of the Product.Linked Purchase Orders

Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-7058ProstixPurchasingSterland has rectified an issue in the Suggested Stock Re-Order module. The 'Order Quantity' field has been added in the Excess Branch Stock Selection pop-up window to guide User's on the number of stocks to re-order.Suggested Stock Re-Order
FWKS-7065FrameworksPurchasingSterland has now implemented that when you select a non-pickup shipping basis in the Purchase Order screen, if there are purchase order shipping details setup, the shipping address will default to those and if there are NO purchase order shipping details setup, then the shipping details will default to the Branch address.
Sterland has rectified an issue that was preventing credit claim's in certain scenarios from being successfully deleted.Returns & Credit Requests - Credit Claims
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has rectified an issue where if a customer contract was applied to a Sales Order and the special buy-in contract costs were applied, when creating the linked PO, the products were being recosted and not maintaining the contract costs. Please refer to FWKS-6094 for full details of the change. Not Applicable
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has rectified an issue where the correct promotion price was not displaying on linked Purchase  Orders. Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-6486ProstixReceiptingSterland has rectified an issue when the Length was incorrectly displayed on Receipt to stock report. This has been resolve.Stock Received Report
FWKS-6598FrameworksReceiptingSterland has rectified an issue when clicking "Receipt All" when returning stock where the "Qty" field would not auto populate. This has since been resolved. Creating a Stock Return and Value Claim
Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-6671FrameworksReceiptingSterland has rectified an issue where a system error was produced when receipting a Purchase Order more than 10 times where the PO sequence number was set to be above 21474837. 

Refer to existing process:

Creating a Purchase Order

FWKS-6859FrameworksReceiptingSterland has now fixed an issue so that changing the quantity of a transferred product will now have the correct cost and quantity calculated when the change occurs Not Applicable
FWKS-7083Both Frameworks & ProstixReceiptingSterland has rectified an issue with in stock receipting program where the rebated cost were no longer included in the purchase cost variations postings that resulted in understating the stock account. This has since been fixed.Not Applicable
Sales Order Processing
Sterland has rectified an issue where the customer order labels were not showing customer delivery details.Linked Purchase Orders

Receipting Stock
FWKS-5535FrameworksReportingSterland has improved the Sales Detail by Product Group & Sales by Product Group to include sub-groups. Sales Detail by Product Group Report

Sales by Product Sub Groups Report
FWKS-6840FrameworksReportingNew report in the General Ledger category - 'Budget Extract' outputs budget values for the specified accounting year and budget numberNot Applicable
FWKS-6851ProstixReportingSterland has resolved a bug in the Debtors Aged Trial Balance (ATB) report. When the report was run in a multi company environment and branches for each Company were differentiated by using specific brand filtering, the Initial Debtors ATB report filters were showing the incorrect brand, which in turn lead to the report not showing the correct amounts owing. The ATB report now shows the correct Branch brand filter and the correct amounts owing for that branch.Aged Trial Balance Report (from the Administration checklist)
FWKS-6775FrameworksReportingSterland is pleased to announce a new report in the Sales category - Lost Quote Analysis by OperatorNot Applicable
FWKS-6776FrameworksReportingSterland is please to announce a new Report in the SalesRep category - Lost Quote Analysis by SalesRepNot Applicable
FWKS-4763FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue when the SpcItmSubG system flag is set as optional. Upon saving the special product, the Product sub group is now optional and when SpcItmSubG is set as mandatory, the Product sub group must be entered or an  error message appears.Special Product Creation
FWKS-5865ProstixSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue where user's were not being advised that there was stock available at another branch (when the system flag InvPOAvail flag is set to "yes") BEFORE the error appeared if the order quantity was below the minimum quantity stored against the product in Product Maintenance (when the system flag InvForcMnQ is set to "yes").

Creating a Sales Order

Linking Requisitions to Sales Orders

FWKS-6910FrameworksSales Order ProcessingCustomer Funded Development - Database Utility to Change Rep No.Not Applicable
FWKS-6419FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue where a system error was displayed in the Tier Pricing Finder screen when a feature code wasn't present. For those with access, refer to Tier Pricing
FWKS-6645FrameworksSales Order ProcessingFrameworks now indicates Run Out products by highlighting them in Sales Orders. Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6667FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has made a change with the sales order copy function. Now any transaction type can be copied into an order or quote. Not Applicable
FWKS-6684FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has addressed a bug within the pin entry, where if User's were not exempt from pin entry and they went to print a picking slip then the User was required to enter their pin multiple times. This has now been resolved.Creating a Sales Order
Creating a Frameworks User ID
How do I bypass pin entry in Frameworks?
FWKS-6704FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has now removed the 'Clear Product Entry' from the Actions tab in  Sales Orders. Instead the product line has the "x" button which is used to remove a line.How to add products to an Interim Invoice

How to create a sales order using custom Customer Order No. formats

How to create a sales quote using custom Customer Order No. formats

How to create a sales order

How to create a sales quote

How to create a special buy in

Creating a Sales Order

Creating a Sales Quote
FWKS-6711FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has improved the Customer Delivery Address finder to sort the results so that the most recent address is displayed at the top of the finder (in descending order of the Date Last Used field).Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6838FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has resolved an issue where Users could see partially and fully rebated GP% fields when costs are hidden on a Sales Order. Users are now unable to see partially and fully rebated GP% fields when costs are hidden on a Sales Order & are unable to add these fields to the detail lines grid.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6841FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has added a feature in frameworks where the User can enter free-form text into a specific field on a Sales Order, then when the invoice is printed, it prints this text instead of the product details.How to enter free-form text into a Sales Order to print on an invoice instead of the product details

Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6888FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has made two changes as part of this task:

- If a supplier is selected in the special buyin screen, the cost will be automatically set to the supplier cost if one exists otherwise it will default to the cost defined on the order.

- If a supplier is selected in the special buyin screen, that supplier will be automatically selected above the preferred supplier in the linked purchase order screen
Special Buy Ins

Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-6940FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has resolved an issue where Sales Orders could not display totals that exceeded $999,999.99.Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6951FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has rectified an issue. When closing a pop-up window, the cursor now returns to its parent activity screen for Customers with a message on their account in a Sales Order.Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-6956FrameworksSales Order ProcessingSterland has made a change to Frameworks. If a Customer on a Sales Order has a credit status of 'h' (hold), the User is no longer able to print a picking slip or access the picking screen. Creating a Sales Order

Creating a new Customer

Credit Information
FWKS-7137Both Frameworks & ProstixSales Order ProcessingSterland have rectified an issue where if a M2 product was partially back ordered, when recalculating the original transaction it was not including the width and length values resulting in an incorrect unit price. This has now been resolved.Creating a Sales Order

Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-6687FrameworksSales Order Processing
Showroom Assistant
Sterland has resolved an issue with the BuildMaster file import functionality where the multi UOM product lines in the import files were dropping off the product description, UOM & Unit Price. The imports are now populating the correct details and the UOM defaults are set to the stocking UOM. 

Refer to existing process:

Importing Buildmaster Files

FWKS-6759FrameworksSales Order Processing
Special Buy-In
Sterland has resolved an issue within Sales Orders where the Picking Slip was not printing the Linked Purchase Order Number for special buy-in Sales Orders.Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-7110ProstixSales Order Processing
Special Buy-In
Sterland has resolved an issue where a linked Purchase Order was using the Average Branch Cost instead of the Supplier Cost in an Average Costing environment.Special Buy-Ins
FWKS-6975Both Frameworks & ProstixSales Order Processing
System Services
Sterland has made the following changes to the Zero Value Transaction Purge scheduled task:

 - a branch column will now be included on the audit log file

 - if any transactions are locked when the scheduled task is run, an error message will be produced on the audit file stating "transaction in use" and that transaction will NOT be deleted
FWKS-508FrameworksSpecial PricingSterland is pleased to announce the release of "Discount Module Maintenance" that allows for discount module pricing to be created & maintained within Frameworks. Under Construction
FWKS-6345FrameworksSpecial PricingSterland has rectified an issue where contract costs were not being displayed in Contract Maintenance.Contracts
FWKS-6490ProstixSpecial PricingSterland has rectified an issue in the Promotions module. When entering subsequent products into a promotion, the Add Product screen is now displaying the default values (0.00).Promotion Pricing
FWKS-6614FrameworksSpecial PricingSterland has rectified an issue where Users were unable to find a customer with a new customer name in the price book. Customer Price Books
FWKS-6816FrameworksSpecial PricingSterland has tidied up Contract Maintenance as follows:

   1. When assigning Customers to job contracts, the User is no longer able to set the "Default" & "Auto Select" fields. These are not applicable on a job contract so have now been hidden.

   2. When assigning Customers to a National contract, the User is no longer able to set the "Default" & "Auto Select" to true. Both can be set to "No" but both cannot be set to "Yes".

   3. If multiple Users in different sessions are adding lines to a contract, it resulted in duplicate line numbers. The line number is now set by the server and sent to the User's session after the line is added.
FWKS-6696FrameworksStock ControlSterland has rectified an issue within the stock return program where returning stock was posting to the purchase gains/losses account, not to the stock account. This has since been resolved.Creating a Stock Return and Value Claim

SYS: What are some handy ProStix utility programs (A-5-6)?
FWKS-5346FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has enhanced the search function in the Contacts tab. The customer account number can now be used to search. The search results display all contacts linked to the customer account number entered. Creating a Supplier, Customer or Miscellaneous Contact
FWKS-6539ProstixSystem AdministrationSterland has improved the error message that is sent to the User if a Customer Order XML file contains invalid quantity and/or lengths.Common Utilities
FWKS-6607FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has created a new scheduled task 'Populate Calendar' (dailyTaskSched) to populate a calendar of dates including creating calendar_entry records that allow for different functionality that can be built into reports to improve functionality in Central Alocation activities.Scheduling tasks to run One Time only, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
FWKS-6737FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has added the "CDF sourced" value to the Product finder, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales Order Fulfilment & Purchase Requisitions grids via the F12 Developer tool.Not Applicable
FWKS-6995FrameworksSystem AdministrationSterland has rectified a bug. The first row is auto selected in search grids. If a User has sorted the grid by different column/s & saved the configuration, then the first row in the returned results is auto selected.Advanced Grid Features
FWKS-7101FrameworksSystem SetupSterland has implemented a feature where when using a Supplier Finder pop-up screen, the last selected Supplier search is saved for future searches within that session. Grid Features & other documentation where the Supplier Finder is used.
FWKS-6395Mobile AppsTrade Portal Sterland has rectified an issue where the customer email containing the order confirmation was not being sent/emailed from when the order was created in the Trade Portal mobile application. Trade Portal Mobile App User Guide
FWKS-6225Both Frameworks & ProstixVariousSterland has rectified an issue with how the customer message in Prostix displayed after the same message was edited in Frameworks. Where the customer message exceeded 25 characters, and after the edit was saved in Frameworks, the customer message would only show the first line of 25 characters in the Customer Enquiry, POS, SOP and JOB screens  in Prostix. This fix ensures that the customer message is correctly displayed across the 6 lines available in Prostix to a maximum of 150 characters (6 lines of 25 characters per line).

NOTE: Prostix has a known limitation of only being able to display a maximum of 15   characters for the customer message (6 lines of 25 characters per line). If the customer   message is edited in Frameworks, and then exceeds 150 characters, anything past the    150th character will not be displayed in Prostix. There is no plan to increase the Prostix    customer message display capability beyond 150 characters.
Not Applicable