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Current Release

Frameworks v2.145 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v2.145

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Release Date


NoteThis release of Frameworks also includes the upgrade of Prostix 4.8.2.
 Click here to obtain a download of the full and entire release notes in Excel including testing scenarios, test steps & expected results:

To download this spreadsheet, click on the link below and select the download button from the top right of the screen. The spreadsheet also contains Testing Scenarios, including test steps and expected results.

Frameworks 2.145 Release Notes.xlsx

The webinar from our Product Manager will be provided soon.

 Frameworks 2.145 Release Webinar

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

(info) Please refer to the Excel spreadsheet Frameworks 2.145 Release Notes.xlsx for full details of the release. Select the download button from the top right of the screen.

(star) (star) You may find FWKS-5084 of particular interest regarding the behavioural changes to the Customer and Product finders (star) (star)

Issue keyRelease-NotesSKB Documentation
FWKS-3484Sterland has added a new Customer Orders tab in the Supplier Transaction View (Lines section) that can be accessed via the Supplier Dashboard or Supplier Transaction Enquiry functions. The Customer Orders tab displays any product lines linked to a customer sales order and provides a hyperlink for ease of access. Orders and Receipts
Supplier Transaction Enquiry Dashboard
FWKS-5212Sterland is pleased to announced that a new flag has been introduced to optionally make the customer Mobile Number field mandatory when creating a new customer in Point Of Sale and Sales Order Processing. 

POS Useful Information including System Flags
Creating a Sales Quote
Creating a Sales Order

FWKS-5184Sterland has added new fields in the Customer Dashboard. Upon drilling into an invoice, for Invoiced and Credit Note transactions, the "Charge Details" tab now displays the  Invoiced value (via the "Invoiced Value" field and the settlement discount via the "Settlement Disc" fields.Header
FWKS-5097Sterland is pleased to announce that we have made changes to the Customer Dashboard to allow users to easily locate specific contracts using search parameters to narrow down the results list. Contracts (Customer Dashboard)
FWKS-5329Sterland has added to the existing spooler purge program sys810k.p to include the purging of POS docket files from the spool directory. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the relevant documentation. How do I purge the spool directory of the POS docket file?
FWKS-5268Frameworks has been amended to stop users from receiving a "Cannot read property" error message when performing specific actions faster than the system allows. Not Applicable
FWKS-5227Sterland has rectified an issue in the Notifications tab. You are now able to acknowledge multiple notifications.About Notifications
FWKS-5221Sterland is pleased to announce that the Product Finder now includes four new columns: RRP GST Ex, RRP  GST Inc, Qty On C/O (product quantity currently on a customer order), and Qty On P/O (product quantity currently on a purchase order).

A scheduled task has also been introduced that calculates the On C/O and On P/O figures and loads them in a table so they can be readily referenced when the Product Finder is used, reducing loading time.

Additionally, there is a system numeric flag "QtyOrdDays" which dictates the number of days into the future the scheduled task will search to find Products on an order. 
The Product Finder is used throughout Frameworks. Specific documents updated include: Processing Cash Sales
Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Sales Order
POS Useful Information including System Flags
FWKS-5042Sterland have increased the numerical formatting allowance in the Stock Movements screen for the quantity, unit cost, line cost, standard cost and average cost fields. Stock Movements
FWKS-5324Sterland has resolved an issue where a volume discount automatically applied to a tally product that breaches the quantity threshold was applying the GST twice. Processing Cash Sales
Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-5321Sterland has rectified an issue seen in Credits & Refunds where products loaded on the refund were only displaying a partial product description. The full product description is now shown. Credits and Refunds
FWKS-5318Sterland have resolved an issue with Credits & Refunds where in certain cases, the transaction total was lagging behind when adding up each transaction line and incorrectly passing a lower amount to the tendering activity.  Credits and Refunds
FWKS-5315Sterland has made modifications to the POS tendering process so that a connection to Nuvu is not required for the transaction to complete. This will stop issues with the system timing out and not allowing a sale to be processed when the Nuvu server cannot be reached. Refer to existing processes: Tendering Payments
FWKS-5275Sterland has rectified an issue seen where if a POS transaction had registered a customer account before being suspended and resumed and if the customer then paid via cash (or any other non-account tender type), the transaction would incorrectly show as an invoice and would also adjust the customer balance.  Processing Account Sales
FWKS-5255Sterland has rectified an issue within Point of Sales and Sales Orders where a volume discount applied by the system was wrongly requesting an override reason code to be entered. This issue was only occurring if the quantity threshold was met when editing a product already added to the grid. Point Of Sale
Sales Orders
FWKS-5237Sterland has rectified an issue in Point of Sales where a transaction was unable to be suspended if the POS printer was defined as a star POS printer. Refer to existing processes: Point Of Sale
FWKS-5193Sterland has rectified a concern in Credits & Refunds. A printed credit invoice now displays the customer name and customer address (flag permitted) as expected. Processing a Cash Refund
Processing a Credit Note
FWKS-5229Sterland has added the Reference field in Purchase Orders to the Purchase Order printed document.Purchase Orders
FWKS-4873Sterland has rectified an issue with Purchase Order transactions. The 'Type' field in Purchase Orders can now be modified to either Stock Return or Value Claim after saving, but only if the transaction has not been receipted.Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Stock Return and Value Claim
FWKS-5335Sterland is pleased to announce the availability of a new report that displays the suspended sales outstanding for a given branch. Suspended Sales Report
FWKS-5388Sterland has rectified an issue where rebate percentages were not retained for orders containing a special buy-in product. Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-5307Sterland has made changes so that when a print format is not found it defaults to the standard format 20 rather than producing an error for the following print types: Delivery Docket, Invoice, Picking Slip, Purchase Order, Quote, Order Confirmation and Invoice Selection.Stationery Setup and Maintenance
FWKS-5298Sterland has modified the picking function so that any product lines that have not been either selected for picking or back-ordering are now automatically back-ordered upon clicking the "Complete Picking" button. Pick and Release
FWKS-5293Sterland has rectified an issue when a blank error message was appearing when creating a special product with a duplicate product number. The system now recognises if a product number has already been used and will move to the next available number in the sequence. Special Product Creation
FWKS-5232Sterland has rectified an issue where changing the status of a Sales Order via printing a picking slip was also changing the Assignee of the order to the one who actioned the print. Creating a Sales Quote
Creating a Purchase Order
FWKS-5220Sterland has made changes so that when a new customer is created on the Sales Order screen, the mobile number field in the header tab is always populated with the mobile number entered when creating the customer account. Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-5095Sterland have made changes to standardise the rounding within Point of Sales and Sales Order processing. The Discounted Unit price is rounded to the number of decimal places defined by the Unit Of Measure before multiplying by the quantity on the line and rounding to the same number of decimal places. Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
POS Useful Information including System Flags
FWKS-5005Sterland has added an additional "Order Date" column in the Sales Order Dashboard to display the date the transactions are created (referencing the "Date Ordered" field within the Header tab of Sales Order Maintenance).Searching for open Sales Orders or Quotes
FWKS-4828Sterland has rectified an issue with linked Purchase Orders where comments for special buy-in products were not being transferred to the Purchase Order. Comments from the Sales Order are now displaying in both the Sales Order Fulfillment screen and the Purchase Order screen for special buy-in products. Refer to existing processes: Linked Purchase Orders
FWKS-5449Sterland has addressed a bug where in some scenarios credits that were processed with tally products had the costs being corrupted when finalising the credit. Processing a Credit Note
Customer Transaction Enquiry Dashboard
FWKS-5355Sterland has rectified an issue seen when adding a tally product (after the initial save) to an order (that already contained a tally product) was removing the first tally length on the first tally line. Creating a Sales Order
FWKS-5349Sterland has rectified an issue with the General Ledger - Journal View timing out. Refer to existing documentation: GL Dashboard
FWKS-5333Sterland is pleased to announce the availability of two new reports: Creditors Control Account Notifications & Debtors Control Account Notifications. Both reports read through the nightly notifications generated and condenses them into a single report that can show if any imbalances have occurred.

GL Dashboard
Debtors Control Account Notifications Report

FWKS-5331Sterland has made changes to resolve a system error that was intermittently appearing on the product finder. The Product Finder is used throughout Frameworks. Refer to the Frameworks User Guide
FWKS-5272Sterland is pleased to announce the availability of a GL Trial balance report.GL Trial Balance Report
FWKS-5257Sterland has rectified two issues.
  1. The Home Company field in Customer Maintenance is now displaying the correct descriptions.
  2. The Picking Dashboard can now be accessed without any error messages displayed if the Picking Group is not defined.
Refer to existing processes: Customer Maintenance and Enterprise Picking
FWKS-5253Sterland has made amendments so that the branch parameter field in the Product finder now always default to the user's branch. System Settings - Flags
POS Useful Information including System Flags & other pages within the Frameworks User Guide
FWKS-5210Sterland has added two new columns to the Credit & Refunds grid: original discounted unit price and original total line price, with the hope that the new columns will allow easier comparison and understanding of the original transaction when processing a refund. Additionally, for a type overcharge, the discount column will now default to 0 and will be locked, since a simple return of funds should not include a discount deduction. Processing a Cash Refund
FWKS-5096Sterland has amended the stock on hand calculation to include the products on orders within the interim invoice queue. The stock on hand figure used throughout Frameworks now better represents the actual stock on hand in store. Product Details
FWKS-5094Sterland has modified Frameworks so that non-purchase Supervisors are able to print/save Purchase Orders that contain CDF products, however Purchase supervisors are still required to add CDF products to the Purchase Order. A validation error will occur if the user attempts to add a CDF product without the proper access. Creating a Purchase Order for warehouse products
FWKS-5084Sterland has made several behavioural changes to the Customer and Product finders. These changes apply to all activities that use the Product and Customer finders and are summarised as follows:

(tick) The Customer and Product finders now force the user to enter a search string before returning a result list.

(tick) The finders do not auto find unless criteria is passed to the finder from the parent activity.

(tick) In Point of Sales, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, the Customer and Product finders  remember the search criteria entered by the user and re-display the criteria and results when the finder is reused from within the activity.  (Note: it does not remember the criteria across the application - if you exit the activity and start again, then the finder criteria is cleared)

(tick) If the user enters a value into the Product field first then that will be used as the search criteria. If nothing is entered, then the last entered search criteria will be used.

(tick) In the Product Finder, the Qty columns are hidden unless a branch is selected.

Searching for open Sales Orders or Quotes
Processing Cash Sales
Processing Account Sales
Creating a Sales Quote
Creating a Sales Order
Linked Purchase Orders
Creating a Purchase Requisition batch via a Sales Order
Special Buy Ins
Importing files to create Sales Orders & Quotes
Interim Invoicing
Purchase Requisitions
Searching for Purchase Orders
Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Stock Return and Value Claim
Searching for a Stock Receipt
FWKS-5046Sterland has rectified an issue seen with linked Purchase Orders where multiple product lines with the same product were being receipted against the first instance of the product rather than split between the appropriate product lines. Branch Transfers via Purchase Orders
Creating an internal branch transfer via a Sales Order
FWKS-5045Frameworks now has the functionality to prevent users from changing the delivery fee via a new flag: FWDelFeeLock.POS Useful Information including System Flags
Creating a Sales Order
Interim Invoicing
FWKS-4967Sterland has updated the "Stock Received - No Creditors Invoice" report to include the Supplier name in the header information. Stock Received with no Creditors Invoice Report
FWKS-4910Sterland has resolved a bug within the Frameworks Report runner. Previously if detail was entered into the Subject and Message fields this detail did not flow through to the email body and subject. Reporting Dashboard
FWKS-2101Sterland has rectified an issue seen within stock movements where selecting a "From Date" several months in the past was producing a system error. Stock Movements