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Current Release

Frameworks v2.12 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v2.12

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 Click here to obtain a download of the full and entire release notes in Excel including testing scenarios, test steps & expected results:

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

IssueRelease-Notes Documentation
FWKS-4674Sterland has made a change to automatic delivery charges so that they are allocated line number 99999. This change is to address an issue where a product was being given the same line number as the charge and preventing the save of an order.Not Applicable. Refer to existing Sales Order processes here: Sales Orders
FWKS-4670Sterland have rectified an issue where in a specific case, multi-tender sales were dropping into a suspended state instead of being processed. Not Applicable. Refer to existing POS processes: Point Of Sale.
FWKS-4632Sterland have rectified an issue whereby multiple users are no longer able to update the same Sales Orders simultaneously. Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-4631Sterland is pleased to announce that coding changes were made to improve the performance of the Sales Dashboard. Not Applicable. Refer to existing processes: Sales
FWKS-4623Sterland has rectified an issue where multiple users can no longer update the same sales orders simultaneously.Not Applicable. Refer to existing processes: Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-4609Frameworks now has the functionality to specify whether an integrated EFTPOS will be used, regardless of the existing manual authorisation setting. In addition, Frameworks can specify the length of the card number and ensure that only valid card numbers are accepted for the specific In-House Cards.Configuring In House Cards to use Integrated EFTPOS
FWKS-4604Sterland is pleased to announce that we have resolved a system error and you are now able to produce and print a project quote within Frameworks.Not Applicable. Refer to existing processes: Projects
FWKS-4584Sterland has rectified an issue and re-instated the new transaction button as there was a previous issue when the pin-entry was turned on (if the pin-entry screen was closed there was no way to bring this back).Not Applicable. Refer to existing processes: Point Of Sale
FWKS-4426Sterland has rectified an issue with deferred rebates for Full, Partial and Non. These are now correctly credited. Previously they only worked if the standard cost was stored as the partially rebated Supplier cost.Not Applicable. Refer to existing processes: Purchase Orders
FWKS-4421Frameworks now provides options to display historical sales based on non rebated, partly rebated or fully rebated levels in the Sales Order Processing screen and when enquiring on a sales transaction.Creating a Frameworks User ID. (go to the Frameworks Rebate View field).
Product Lines (go to: Information about Rebate Levels).
Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order (go to Information about Rebate Levels (Standard Transaction, Partly Rebated & Fully Rebated).
FWKS-4420Sterland is pleased to announce that Frameworks now has added an extra security check to till reconciliation to prevent the completion of a till and posting of variance/s.Till Reconciliation & Banking
FWKS-4419Sterland is pleased to announce the new Interim Invoice functionality. When activated (flag controlled), invoices for account customers will enter a hold state after being released, allowing time for minor changes (repricing) and additions (new products, special buyins) to take place on the new interim invoice dashboard. Each interim invoice will remain in the hold state for a period defined before being picked up by a nightly scheduled task and processed. Alternatively, individual interim invoices can be selected for immediate processing from the interim invoice dashboard. Interim Invoicing