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Current Release

Frameworks v2.11 Release Notes

The Sterland Team are pleased to announce the release of Frameworks v2.11

Don't have Frameworks 2.11 yet?

 Click here to obtain a download of the full and entire release notes in Excel including testing scenarios, test steps & expected results:

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Frameworks 2.11 Release Notes.xlsx

Bug Fixes and Enhancements in this version:

Issue KeyRelease NotesDocumentation
FWKS-4670Sterland have rectified an issue where in a specific case, multi-tender sales were dropping into a suspended state instead of being processed. Not Applicable. Refer to existing POS processes: Point Of Sale.
FWKS-4623Multiple users cannot update the same sales orders simultaneously.Maintaining a Quote or Sales Order
FWKS-4619Sterland have rectified an issue where a Mighty Rewards customer could not refund a cash sale, as it was falsely producing a "deleted by another user" error message. Not Applicable.
FWKS-4609Frameworks now has the functionality to specify whether an integrated EFTPOS will be used, regardless of the existing manual authorisation setting. In addition, Frameworks can specify the length of the card number and ensure that only valid card numbers are accepted for the specific In-House Cards.Configuring Farmlands & RD1 cards (in house cards) to use Integrated EFTPOS
FWKS-4604Sterland is pleased to announce that we have resolved a system error and you are now able to produce and print a project quote within Frameworks.Project and Job Processing
FWKS-4584Sterland has rectified an issue and re-instated the new transaction button as there was a previous issue when the pin-entry was turned on (f the pin-entry screen was closed there was no way to bring this back).Point Of Sale
FWKS-4579Sterland is pleased to announce that we have now included the product description into the basic csv pricebook format.Under Construction
FWKS-4573Sterland are pleased to announce that users now have an option to create their own shortcut menu on the home screen for quick access to important activities. Creating a shortcut menu on the home screen
FWKS-4567Irrespective of the existing system flags (delmapforc and delareafor that set the Delivery areas fields to be mandatory), Frameworks now has the functionality that if you select a non-delivery type Despatch method, the Delivery Area, Map Ref and Map Xref fields are no longer mandatory in Sales Orders, Point of sale or Credits and Refunds.

Other documentation updates:
Maintaining a Customer Order
FWKS-4537Frameworks now has the functionality to print prices via the 'Show Prices' checkbox when printing Quotes, Order Confirmations and Invoices.Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-4502Sterland have rectified an issue. You can now enter a promotional cost that is less than the branch cost without producing a screen error on the Promotion Maintenance function. Promotion Maintenance
FWKS-4492Sterland have rectified an issue with the Sales Order screen. It will no longer experience delays when opening the screen if there are a large number of diary notes existing against the order. Sales Orders
FWKS-4428Sterland have rectified an issue whereby changes or updates made by a user in the tally components are now saving correctly. This applies to all functions within the Tally table including POS, SOP, Customer Order, PO, Stock Receipting etcRefer to existing processes.
FWKS-4398Sterland is pleased to announce that Sales orders now provides an option to populate the tally details of a particular line with the pre-defined details of a pack in stock. The pack can be allocated against the line, whereby validation in the picking process will remind the user to pick a particular pack (although other non-allocated in stock packs can be picked) OR the pack tally details can be duplicated on to the line without allocating the pack. Under Construction
FWKS-4395Sterland have rectified an issue whereby user's are now able to create a special product when the product group chosen on the special product is set to be non-stocked and the flag "evaluate branch prod type" is turned on. Previously, this was producing an error. Special Product Creation
FWKS-4394Sterland have rectified an issue enforcing the correct setting of a behind the scenes field: id_sales_rep_cust when creating a new POS sale. Point Of Sale
FWKS-4391Sterland have rectified an issue. Special products that are created in Prostix can now be entered into sales within Frameworks (if the flag SOPSPReuse is set to 'no'). Special Product Creation
FWKS-4382Sterland is pleased to announce that Frameworks now has the capability to send Faxes, along with e-mailing and printing.Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-4380Sterland is pleased to announce that we have released a new addition to Sales Orders that allows the import of files to create Orders and Quotes. Currently there is only an import template defined for the Build master files. If your business has a requirement for this functionality, please contact your designated ASL. Importing files to create Sales Orders & Quotes
FWKS-4346Sterland is pleased to announce that the pack numbers (as selected in Pick & Release) will now be printed on the Invoice and Delivery Docket (if the stationary is set to 20 or 31) .Enterprise Picking
FWKS-4342Sterland is pleased to announce that the Product Description field on the Stock Invoice Approval screen is now populated with the full product description (line 1 and line 2). Stock Invoice Approval
FWKS-4341Frameworks now has the functionality to auto-populate the e-mail "To" field when sending Customer Statements via email. This is dependent on an email address being added to the Customer Details screen (within the Customer Dashboard).Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-4223Frameworks now includes the functionality to display an error message if a user tries to manually allocate a customer payment to a previous payment transaction.Allocating Payments
FWKS-4222Sterland is pleased to announce that when printing from Frameworks, the search for a DEFAULT printer definition now adheres to the following hierarchy: device record specific document address -> branch record specific document address -> branch record default nuvu printer address. This is the same as ProStix. Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks
FWKS-3194Sterland is pleased to announce that the Sales Order fulfilment review now provides the facility to quickly update the address details of linked Purchase Orders.  The Purchase Orders may also be printed from this screen.Under Construction