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FWDCADebug - Log debug messages when communicating with DCA

A scheduled task has been created to submit Pick and Despatch Invoices to DCA in order to generate Mighty Rewards Points for these transactions.

To allow customers to earn Mighty Rewards via Pick and Despatch once picked and released, perform the following:

1. Create the scheduled task menu option in Frameworks via System Administration - Screens and Menus - Menu Maintenance.

2. Select "New" and add the scheduled task menu to Frameworks as per below:

3. Save.

4. From the hamburger menu type Submit Pick and Despatch Invoices to DCA.

2. Click "Submit" to run the scheduled task.

3. Open the generated .csv file. Check that the transaction/s are displayed marked as "Sent" eg:

Mighty Rewards transaction points earned via Pick and Despatch are now transmitted to the Mighty Rewards website server. Confirm points balance is updated via the "Mighty Rewards Card Maintenance" screen.