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The Payment History section within the Customer Dashboard  provides payment history for the selected Customer and the option to drill down to the individual transactions to view more detail about the payment and all allocations made from the payment. For rewards customers, there is a further drill-down to the rewards details of the transactions.

To enquire on a customer's payment history and allocations, from the home Dashboard perform the following: 

1. Click  to go to the Customer Dashboard.

2. Type the customer number in the Customer No field then click <enter> or search for the customer in the Search field then click <enter> or . For additional search options, refer to: Searching for a Customer.

3.  Click the Payment History tab, then the Detail tab to display all payment history for the selected Customer.

(tick) Refer to Payment History for an explanation of the fields on this screen.

4. Click the Payment Number link to view details of the payment.

The link below provides a table with an explanation of all the fields displayed:

 Payment History Details
Payment HeaderPayment NoDisplays the unique system generated customer payment number.
SuffixDisplays the backorder number for the transaction. In the case of a payment, one can be made on a Sales Order backorder for a cash customer and thus a backorder number is assigned.
Payment DateDisplays the date the payment was made.
Payment AmountDisplays the total amount paid including GST for the particular payment number.
Discount Given

Displays the total of all discounts given to all the transactions. 

Within TermsDisplays if the payment was made within the agreed payment terms.
Payment Status

Displays the payment status.

AllocatedThis payment has been fully allocated.
This payment is yet to be fully allocated.

Refer to Reprinting a customer payment below.

Refer to Reversing a Customer payment below
Tendering DetailsTill NoDisplays the Till No used to process the customer payment.
SessionDisplays the Till Session number used to process the customer payment.
Tender Type

Displays the type of tender used to make the customer payment.

For example,

AmountDisplays the total transaction amount paid.
UserDisplays the user who processed the customer payment.
Cheque NoIf applicable, displays the cheque no if cheque was used as the type of tender.
Payment AllocationsTransaction No

Displays the transaction or transactions the customer payment was allocated to. Click the link to drill down to find further information about the invoice. Refer to About the sections within the Customer Transaction Enquiry Dashboard for further information.

SuffixDisplays the backorder number of the transaction being allocated against.
DateDisplays the date the payment was allocated to the transaction.
Payment AmountDisplays the payment amount allocated to each transaction.
DiscountDisplays any settlement discounts allocated to the transaction during the allocation process. Refer to Allocating Payments for further information.

Reprinting a customer payment

The Print Payment button allows you to reprint previous customer payments made to an account. The reprint is clearly labelled and contains the original time and date of the payment. The customer payment is either reprinted as a star docket or a nuvu document dependent on the settings for the printer defined via the POS printer field in Device Maintenance

To reprint a previous customer payment, perform the following:

1. Click .

2. If a NuVu printer has been defined, you will be presented with the Output Dialog box from which you can then print or email the customer payment. Refer to Printing, Emailing or Faxing stationery from Frameworks for further information.

3. If a star printer has been defined, the customer payment is automatically printed to the defined star docket printer.

Reversing a Customer payment

The reverse payment button allows you to process a payment reversal for payments that have been allocated against customers.

Security access via User Maintenance controls access this option

To reverse a customer payment, perform the following:

  1. Click
  2. The Customer Payment Reversal pop up screen is displayed.
  3. Click OK button. This will process a negative payment to reverse this transaction. Check that Payment Status is changed to Reversed.

The Reverse Payment button will no longer be displayed.

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