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The Customer Import National Contracts option allows users with access to the CustomerContractImportSched activity to mass import via .csv a list of Customers and assign them to National Contracts.

(info) Refer to Creating a Frameworks User ID to add the CustomerContractImportSched activity to the program Security Group for the User.

Refer to the following processes for further information:

Accessing Customer Import National Contracts

To access Customer Import National Contracts, perform the following:

1. Click   then type Customer Import - National Contracts (or select Customer Import - National Contracts from within the Inventory - Tier Pricing navigation tree).

Importing Customer National Contracts

The format of .csv file to be imported (Sample file: nationalCustomersTierContract.csv) must be in the following format:

  1. Row 1 = The Header row with the Column names
  2. Column A = Contract ID – XXXXXXXXXXXXXX – (Mandatory)
  3. Column B = Customer Number – 999999 – (Mandatory)
  4. Column C = Default – TRUE/FALSE (Mandatory)
  5. Column D = Auto-select – TRUE/FALSE (Mandatory)

To import customers to national contracts from a .csv file , perform the following:

1. Click  then type Customer Import - National Contracts (or select Customer Import - National Contracts from within the Inventory - Tier Pricing navigation tree).

2. Click then search for & select the Contractto import, then click .

3. Navigate to the Schedule tab, then set the import schedule parameters, then click . Refer to Scheduling tasks to run One Time only, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly for further information.

(info) The Output tab is used to view the results of the completed task (dependent on how you schedule it). If you ran the task immediately, you can click on the report generated via the Output tab. If run later, the Task Scheduler Queue contains the ouput.

4. Click on the generated report hyperlink to view any file import errors: