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 System Flags


Provide a warning message "Back dating of Invoice Days is over nn days" on Supplier Invoices dated outside the number of days specified by this flag.

Creditors Invoice Registration allows an invoice to be registered into the system to then be picked up and processed in Stock Invoice Approval.

To allow an invoice to be registered, to then be picked up and processed in Stock Invoice Approval, perform the following

1. Click  then type Creditors Invoice Registration (or select Creditors Invoice Registration from within the Purchasing & Receipting - Transaction Processing navigation tree).

2. Click  then type the Supplier ID into the Supplier field or search for it via .

3. Type the Supplier's invoice number into the Invoice Number field.

4. If applicable, modify the Invoice Date. Defaults to today's date.

5. Type the P/O number you wish to register this invoice to in the P/O field.

6. If applicable, type a due date in the Due Date field or choose .

7. Type the total invoice amount (GST exclusive) into the Invoice Amount(Ex)* field. The GST amount is auto-calculated.

8. If required, click to attach a file or files to the invoice to be registered.

 How to add attachments:

i. Click then type a description into the Description field.

ii. Click then browse for and attach the relevant invoice files from your local PC or server, then click .

(tick) You are able to attach a file name containing the special character “#”.

iii. The uploaded file is then displayed in the Attachments window:

iv. If needed, click to remove the attachment.

(info) Attachments are able to be viewed in the Invoices section of the Supplier Dashboard once posted.

9., Click .