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The Creditor Reconciliation Report provides users with a report to assist with the reconciliation of parent/child creditor accounts. The report lists all unpaid invoices on the nominated chargeback creditor, grouped and totalled by original Supplier.

This report only has the one input:

  • Vendor Code (Parent Account)
  • Invoice Date (Prompt for invoices up until)

The report then groups all invoices by Supplier currently outstanding against this account. The report provides the following fields (from Invoice Maintenance):

  • Original Supplier
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Suffix
  • Narrative
  • Status of invoice (Payable/On Hold)
  • Invoice Amount
  • Held Amount
  • Reason
  • Amount Paid
  • To pay
  • Date Due

This report has a presentable pdf version as well as having the ability to dump records to csv.

Company Number

Type the Company Number or search for it via .


Type the Creditor or search for the Creditor via .

Date To

Use the  date finder to select the invoice date to report to.