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 System Flags

Refer to POS Useful Information including System Flags for information on POS System Flags.

To create a reward card from within Point Of Sale, from the home Dashboard perform the following:

1. Click  then type Point Of Sale (or select Point Of Sale) from within the Sales - Transaction Processing navigation tree.

2. Refer to Point Of Sale to complete the sale.  

3. Once all products have been entered, click the icon to the right of the Rewards Card# field. The Generic Rewards Card Registration screen is displayed.

4. Complete all required fields. Refer to the link below for an explanation of these fields and values.

 Create a New Member

(info) If the customer has an existing cash card or COD account, their information will automatically populate into this screen.

Account Number

Type the Customer's Account Number or search for it via then select the relevant account number.

Validation performed on this field:

    • The customer account type must conform to the valid customer account type list.
Reward program

Select Generic Reward Program from the drop down list.

Validation performed on this field:

    • Populated from the list of generic Reward Programs starting with GEN.
    • Populates the Card Number with the Card Prefix if the Card Number is blank.

Refer to: for further information about ITM Priority Cards.

Card Number

Type the Card number.

Validation performed on this field:

    • Must conform to the prefix & length.
    • The card number must be 13 digits long.
Title, Name, Email Address, Post Code, Mobile Number

Update as appropriate.

(info) If the Not Provided checkbox is unticked , the mobile number is required.

(info) If the Not Provided checkbox is ticked , the mobile number is not required.

Validation performed on these fields:

    • Title determines the gender.
    • First Name and Last Name must be 2 or more characters in length and may only contain letters and ‘-‘.
    • Email Address is not validated.
    • Post Code must be 4 digits and may not be > 8999.
    • Mobile Number is not validated.
Date Of Birth

Update as appropriate.

Validation performed on this field:

    • The card holder must be older than 16 years and younger than 110.
GenderUpdate as appropriate.
Enrolment Date

Update as appropriate.

Validation performed on this field:

    • Enrolment Date may not be in the future.  It can be set to today.
Address, Suburb, State, Phone Number, Fax Number

Update as appropriate.

Validation performed on this field:

    • Address and Suburb must be more than 2 characters and may be any alpha, any digit and spaces, but no other characters.
    • State is a text input field instead of a drop-down and the only validation performed is that it contains a value.
    • Phone number and Fax Number are not validated.

5. Click . Any incomplete mandatory fields are marked with and you will be unable to save until those field/s have been completed.

6. Refer to Reward Card Maintenance for further information.