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When a weighbridge ticket is created in error, a User is able to void the ticket.

To void a weighbridge ticket, perform the following:

1. Click  then type Weighbridge Ticket View (or select Central Allocations - Weighbridge Ticket View from the Frameworks navigation tree).

2. Type the appropriate dates into the Start Delivery Date and End Delivery Date fields or select  to search for the weighbridge ticket, then click .

3. Click the appropriate Ticket Number link to void that particular weighbridge ticket.

4. Click .

5. Click  to confirm.

6. Verify the weighbridge ticket has been voided by searching for the Ticket number again by searching for the ticket (refer to step 2 above).  

(tick) The voided tick may still be displayed on the screen so there is no need to search.

7. Click the appropriate Ticket Number link. A message is displayed " This Weighbridge ticket <ticket number> is already voided". 

(info) Once a weighbridge ticket has been voided, it cannot be "Un-voided". A new weighbridge ticket will need to be created. Refer to Central Allocations - Creating a Weighbridge Ticket for further information.