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Click the  icon at the top of the Frameworks Home page to: 

(info) View & select recently Selected Customers
(info) Perform Basic & Advanced Customer Searching
(info) Perform other actions (configured based on your implementation of Frameworks)


If the Customer ID is already known, type it into the Customer No field, then click  OR click   to search for all customers. 

Optionally, search by the Customer name or partial Customer name, any contact phone number or partial phone number in the Search field, then press <Enter> or click .          
Optionally, tick  My Brand Only to display only branded customers or tick Show Hidden to display only hidden customers.

The following are all options available to you for the customer you have selected from within the Customer Dashboard

Click Customer Details to display the Customer ID, a customer message, contact, address & billing information.

    1. Click  to maintain customer information in Customer Maintenance.
    2. Click   to send an SMS to a customer. Refer to: Sending an SMS to a Customer via the Customer Dashboard for further information.

Click Contact Details to display the main, principal and secondary contact points & contact details.

    1. Click  to create a new Customer Contact.

Click Invoices, Orders, Quotes & Projects to display transactional information for Invoices, Cash Sales, Current Quotes & Orders & Projects.

    1. Click Invoices to find & print invoices
      1. Choose your date range then click to find customer invoices.
      2. Choose your date range then click to print customer invoices.
    2. Click Cash Sales to find cash sales paid for by an account customer.
      1. Choose your date range then click to find cash sales.
    3. Click Current Quotes to view & drill down on all current quotes to modify and/or print/send the quote via email.
    4. Click Current Orders to view & drill down to maintain any current orders.
    5. Click Projects to view & drill down to maintain any current projects.

Click Current Transactions to display Invoices, Payments, Adjustments & Refunds (Payment Reversals or Credit Notes) transactions posted to the customer account including outstanding transactions, adjustments & disputed invoices.

    1. Click All to view & drill down all open transactions including adjustments, payments, invoices, credits & nett balances.
    2. Click Outstanding to view & drill down on all outstanding transactions (invoices & credits).
    3. Click Adjustments to view all adjustments.
    4. Click Disputed Invoices to view & maintain all disputed invoices & identify an invoice for dispute.
      1. Click to maintain all disputed invoices.

Click Shares/Rewards/Deferred Sales to display share transactions for any shareholders.

    1. Click Share Balance to view the number of shares a customer has for the applicable share rewards program.
    2. Click Rewards to view all reward programs per company.
    3. Click Deferred Sales to view any sales for the selected company that have been deferred for invoicing 

Click Credit Information to display Customer Bank Account details & Credit Limits

    1. Click Account Balance to view & enquire upon a customers account balance & the aging total amount due.

    2. Click Credit Data to view credit information for the customer including bank account details & credit limits.

    3. Click Credit References to view information relating to credit references given by the Customer.

    4. Click to view a customers statements.


Click Sales History to display monthly sales figures & GP% for the current financial year & two previous years.

    1. Click Sales Chart to view a chart with 3 financial years worth of sales history data.
    2. Click History to view a table with 3 financial years worth of sales history data by month.
    3. Click GP % Chart to view a chart with 3 financial years worth of GP% data by month.

Click Payment History to display monthly customer account balances, deferred payments & transactions by payment date.

    1. Click Summary to view monthly account balances including the average days it takes a customer to pay.
    2. Click Detail, then choose your date range then click to view a list of paid transactions by invoice date.
    3. Click Deferred Payments to view a list of deferred payments.

Click Customer Settings to display a customer's settings based on the setup within Customer Maintenance

    1. Click Accounting to view general accounting setting information
    2. Click Settings to view additional customer settings including the customer’s NuVu Output preference
    3. Click Informational to view general customer information including the customer's ABN.

Click Contracts then choose the Contract Type and/or Effective Date and/or Contract, then click to display any relevant contracts applicable to this customer.


Click Diary Notes/Attributes/Personal Data/Call Sheets to display additional customer information.

    1. Click Diary Notes to view and create new diary notes.
      1. Click to create a new diary note for the selected customer.
    2. Click Attributes to view & maintain customer attribute information.
      1. Click to maintain existing attributes for the selected customer.
    3. Click Personal Data to view a customer's personal data.
    4. Click Call Sheets to view & add call sheet entries (a register of customer communication & key information).

      1. Click to add a new call sheet for the selected customer.

For further detailed information, refer to the: Customer Dashboard