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Ensure the following flags are configured in order to access this functionality:

FWReceiptInvCapCapture invoice details at goods inwards
FWReceiptInvManEnforce invoice capture at goods inwards
FWReceiptInvValValidate and approve invoices at goods inwards

When enabled, additional functionality will be available on the Stock Receipting screen:

Additional Flags required under Miscellaneous Table Maintenance - SYSTEM SETTINGS - AMOUNTS:

CIA Invoice/Receipt tolerance $Amount
CIA Invoice/Receipt tolerance Percentage

From My Shortcuts click Stock Receipting.
Alternatively, using the Navigation Tree button expand Purchasing & Receipting - Transaction Processing then click Stock Receipting.


If the Supplier ID is already known, type it into the Supplier search field.
Alternatively, click the Search button then enter any desired search criteria. Click Find to display the search results then select the appropriate Supplier ID hyperlink.


Optionally, select a new branch number from the drop down arrow  in the Branch field. The default is to your current home branch.

4Optionally, clicking Advanced will show other search criteria for locating Purchase Orders such as Order#, Status or Assigned To.
5Click on the Find button.

Click the relevant Order hyperlink to process the selected Stock receipt.

7Enter a docket number for reference.
8If all P/O lines are fully receipted then the Receive All button can be used to automatically populate the Received This Delivery column. The values given are based on the remaining Qty Ordered not already received.
Alternatively, the Received This Delivery values can be manually adjusted by entering the quantities received line by line. For Tally products, click on the Tally button to enter the additional fields required.
9Adjust the Unit Cost for each line as required.
10If there are additional products to be received, click the Add button. Enter a Product ID then complete the remaining fields.

Optionally, use the date picker to adjust the Receipt Date.

12Optionally, tick the Accept Backorders checkbox.

Before receipting the goods enter the Invoice Number, Invoice date, Invoice amount (GST Ex) and GST amount

All fields are mandatory when FWReceiptInvMan is ticked, if unticked values are not required before receipting goods.


Once complete, click the Receipt Goods button.

If FWReceiptInvVal is ticked , and an invoice value has been entered that does not match the stock receipt value or match within approved tolerances as set by the flags InvTolPcnt and InvTolAmt, then the receipt cannot be finalised and the user is required to review the qty’s and/or unit prices of the stock receipt to bring the variation within tolerance levels eg:

If FWReceiptInvVal is unticked, and FWReceiptInvCap is ticked , once invoice entry at goods inwards is completed the Invoice will not be approved upon clicking the Receipt Goods button, however the system will make the appropriate postings for receipting only and register the Creditors Invoice into the system for later approval.


Click Save.

The Creditor Invoice will be processed all the way through to the Accounts Payable Ledger. All appropriate postings for both the stock receipting and the Invoice Approval will be completed and the stock receipt marked as "Invoiced".

For further detailed information, refer to: Receipting Stock.