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From My Shortcuts click Sales Orders.
Alternatively, using the   button expand Sales - Transaction Processing then click Sales Orders.

2Click New.

If the Customer Id is already known, type it into the Customer* field then press your <Tab> key.


Click , then File Imports then Basic csv File.

 Required format of the Basic CSV Import file

The Basic CSV Import fie requires the following format to import successfully:

(tick) File Format - The file is a comma delimited CSV file

(tick) Header Details - There is no header row explaining the columns within the file.

(tick) To import Product information:

      • Column A = D (to denote Details. This row contains information about the Product details that will be imported into the Details section of the Sales Order)
      • Column B = Product No
      • Column C = Quantity
      • Column D = UOM
      • Column E = Unit Price
      • Column F = Disc %
      • Column G = Usage
      • Column H = Picking Group
      • Column I = Comments
      • Column J = Product tally information if a tally product.

(tick) To import delivery details information:

      • Column A = H (to denote Header. This row contains information about the Delivery details that will be imported into the Header section of the Sales Order)
      • Column B = Customer ID
      • Column C = Cust Order #
      • Column D = Date Required
      • Column E = Deliver To
      • Column F = Address
      • Column G = Suburb/City
      • Column H = State
      • Column I = Instructions
      • Column J = Contact Name
      • Column K = Contact Phone

Click Choose File. A file explorer window will open on your local computer. Navigate to the relevant commercial file and open it.

6Click Upload.

Once processed, the Import Status dialog window opens detailing how many product lines were successfully imported, the number of lines imported & the number of errors encountered. Click Close.


Click the Resolve Product Mapping icon underneath the button to view any unresolved product lines.


To create a special code for a Product, click the Create Special checkbox for the appropriate product line. Then:

  1. Type or search for the relevant unit of measure to enter into the UOM field.
  2. Type or search for the group code to enter into the Product Group field.
  3. Type or search for the Supplier ID to enter into the Supplier field.
  4. Enter the Unit Cost.
  5. Enter the Unit Price.

Repeat steps 1 - 5 as required for additional product lines.


To match a particular product line to a different Product, click the relevant Product No. value and update it as required.


To remove a particular product line because it is not needed for the quote, click the Blue X icon for the relevant row.

12Repeat steps 9 - 11 as required then click Apply & Close when finished. The relevant products will now be brought through into the quote and sorted according to their Usage.
Note that to use any of the actions available at the top right of the SO screen, all product lines must be resolved.

For further detailed information, refer to: Importing Basic CSV files