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 System Flags
FWManCusOrSystem Settings flag that when activated specifies custom formats for a customer’s order number via fields (For example, Order No., Unit No., Address, Name, Job Number) used to make up the order number, each with certain requirements around length and input format as well as being optional or mandatory.

From My Shortcuts click Sales Orders.
Alternatively, using the Navigation Tree button expand Sales - Transaction Processing then click Sales Orders.

2Click New to create a new Sales Order.

If the Customer Id is already known, type it into the Cust No.* search field then press your <Tab> key.
Alternatively, click the Search button then enter any desired search criteria. Click Find to display the search results then select the appropriate Customer Id hyperlink.


If the Customer requires an Order number to be entered, click to the right of the Customer Order # field to enter the Order Number, Unit No., Address, Name and Job Number which make up the order number, then click . Refer to Order No. rules for further information on the formats of each field.

(info) Once saved, the Cust Order # displays the values as a concatenation of the Order Number, Unit No., Address, Name and Job Number fields. 


Select the relevant code from the drop down arrow  in the Desp. Method field. Date Required will default to the next day but can be updated as required.


Each required product is entered via the Product field in the 'Order Lines' tab.


Type, scan or search for the Product to add.
The Product Desc.Unit Price and Disc % (defaults to 0) are automatically populated.

To clear the details of a selected product, use the button on the specific product line.


Click on the Quantity field for the new transaction line and enter the correct value. If required, also select the appropriate UOM using the Search button.
For Tally products, enter the tally qty and length in the Tally field for example, 5/3.1,10/4.2, 6/5.1. The system will validate and translate to a timber tally and total LM for the timber product. Once all product details are entered press <Enter> or click on the to save the line details. The entered product will then be displayed beneath the new product entry, detailing all the order details.


To update line detail (Qty, Price, Usage, Picking Group or Line Comments), click. To update a product with a timber tally defined, click .

10Repeat steps 6 - 8 to add additional products as required.
11If the order is being delivered, in the Delivery Details tab, complete at least the Deliver To and Address fields with the relevant delivery information. If the order is 'Pick Up' these details will not be required.

Once all required products have been entered, click Save.