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This task only voids suspended sales created yesterday or earlier. Anything from the current date will not be voided regardless of the below settings.

Click to view a list of sales to be voided. No transactions will be voided with this ticked.

Ifis ticked, only transactions with no products are included in the task.

In summary, sales will be voided only when:

  • No products AND zero value, OR
  • Products AND no value, OR
  • Products WITH a value AND have NOT been partially tendered

From My Shortcuts click Void POS Suspended Sales.
If the shortcut menu does not exist add the shortcut activity VoidPosSuspendedSalesSched to the menu HOW - link ??


Under the "Report Criteria" tab click the Report Only checkbox and Only If there are no Product Details checkbox as per required parameters. Click "Submit" button.

3Click the Output tab. Check that a report is generated listing the Suspended Sales to be voided. Confirm the sales to be voided are correct.
4To void the sales, re-run the scheduled task this time with the Report Only checkbox un-ticked.
5Confirm voided sales are not displayed in the Resume Sales Transaction Finder

For further detailed information, refer to: How to suspend and resume a Sale