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Customer must have the Account Fee flag ticked in Customer Maintenance

Administration Fees must be applied to the debtors prior to printing statements for the period.


From the Frameworks Hamburger menu select Debtor Administration Fees and Interest Charges.


Enter the required data:

CompanyEnter the Company ID or search using the drop down arrow
Administration Fee (GST Inclusive)Type the $ amount to be charged if you are applying a flat monthly rate.
Minimum Interest to Charge

Type the minimum interest amount to be charged.

That is, if the interest to be charged based on the % is less than $2.50, charge $2.50 as a minimum.

Standard Interest RateType the annual interest rate percentage to be charged on accounts over 60 days.
Customer From/ToEnter the customer number to/from range
Minimum Amount Due for Admin FeeType the minimum account balance that is to attract an admin fee. This can be used to ensure an admin fee is not charged to any accounts where the outstanding balance is less than the admin fee being charged.
Minimum Amount due for InterestType the minimum amount due before customers are charged interest. If you type zero into this field, all customers with an amount due are charged.
Overdue OnlyTick to apply the admin fee to those nominated accounts that are overdue. Leave unticked to apply a fee to all nominated accounts.
Use Customer Interest RateTick if you wish to use the interest rate set-up that can be defined by the Interest Charge field on the customer record to override the rate entered in Standard Interest Rate field.

Click "Find" and check that the interest charged customer and account fee customer are included as per parameters entered. Click 'Save' Button. 

For further detailed information, refer to: Debtors Month End.