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To enquire on current Frameworks Session users, click then type Logged in Session Enquiry.


Enquiry screen will display the following information:

Licenses Users = total number of licenses available

Defined Users = Total number of defined users

Logged in Users = total number of users currently logged into Frameworks

The screen display also includes the following information

User IDUser ID as defined in User Maintenance
User NameUser Name as defined in User Maintenance
SystemOperating System being used by user
IPIP of system user is logging in from
DisplayType of display user is logged in on eg desktop, handset
AgentDetermines what type of UI the session is using. For a Frameworks session it is the technical details about the type of browser being used.
Context IDValue assigned to the session when the user logs in.  This value uniquely defines the session.
Logged InStart date and time of current log in session
Last UsedDate of last user activity
CtnUser Count

Click .at any time to reload the logged in sessions display

Note: sterland and master User ID's do not count towards the logged in user count