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Click then type Till Reconciliation & Banking, then click Till Reconciliation.


Un-tick the Locked and Reconciled check boxes, then click to locate the open till session that you wish to lock.

(info) Till sessions are automatically locked when the day ends.


Click the Session Number link (if applicable) or if only one till, click to lock the till and allow till reconciliation and banking to be performed.

(info) You can only lock a till session that is equal to today's date (as per the Session Date field).


Click the button again from within the Lock Till Session screen.

For further detailed information, refer to: Locking a Till Session for Till Reconciliation.


  1. Hi Debbie Ryan,

    Are these the UG steps?

    My feedback:

    Step #2 - the ‘Open’ tick box should already be ticked upon opening the Till Reconciliation screen.

    You may need to confirm with Nick. C, but I’m pretty sure that if a session isn’t locked at the end of the day, it will remain open until someone finds the session and locks the till.

    Step #4 - I’ve never had to Lock the same till twice by clicking on a second button. It should only need to be locked once after the session has been selected.

    Any questions, please sing out.

    Steve :-)

  2. Hi Debbie Ryan,

    Looks good.

    PS - this is the way I added a comment previously. It’s linked directly to the JIRA issue.